Sunday, February 2, 2014

First impression: We got Married Jang Wooyoung & Park Se Young (2Young Couple)

It has been a long time since I have watched We Got Married. I actually stopped watching the show after the 3 original couples of season 4 left. I'm not actually interested in the new ones so for how many months I didn't bother with the show. Last month, they have announced that Jang Wooyoung of 2PM will be replacing Taemin & Naeun and it really created the buzz I needed to be interested again hehe. I am a 2PM fan & Wooyoung has a really fun & energetic personality so it would be nice to see him in a variety show interacting with a girl. Plus, there would probably be more 2PM appearances every now & then as guests so that would be great. 

He got paired up with the actress Park Se Young. I have watched her in Faith (click for my review) and I loved her character in that drama. She's so pretty and soft spoken so I am so psyched to see how the two will interact with each other.


There have only been 4 episodes so far and, like always, I watch the English subbed videos @ Kshownow since they sub the fastest (new episodes w/subs are posted every Monday) & the quality is always great. 

After 3 episodes, I think this is a good match! They have so many likes in common but is still different in personality. I also liked the fact that they only have a 1 year age gap so there's no such thing as a "noona" feeling like usual. I really would prefer it if Wooyoung is the older one but it's not much of a big deal this time. 

I am looking forward every week to see more of them. I just hope We Got Married PD won't butcher this couple like the others. The 1st 3 seasons are still the best because the couples have time to grow & know each other better unlike in Season 4 were in they just stay together for a few months. I hope everything will go well *crossing my fingers*

Do post in the comment if you have watched this couple already or if you are as excited as I am that another 2PM member will be part of the show coz it means more appearances of the group :)

Until next time! Keep safe :)

Thank you!

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