Monday, January 20, 2014

Skin Diary: Vampire Stomp

Howdy! Hope everyone is staying warm in this very cold weather :)

As I have mentioned in my intro last week, my first official post of 2014 is the start of another Skin Diary Series. I have decided to try another procedure to keep my skin acne-free & also to remove my acne scars.
Since I had great results with derma roller a couple of years ago, I chose another procedure that is almost similar in idea but is said to be much better in acne scar treatment. 

This procedure is called Vampire Stomp or Autologous PRP Fractional Micro Needling. It's more commonly known as derma stamping but mine is only done in clinics as it uses a machine & my own blood plasma. I will try to take a picture of the machine next time since I can't find the exact brand that the derma clinic uses online.

1st step of the procedure, the nurse will apply topical anesthesia all over your face & put a cling wrap over it. This step lasts at least 30 minutes. And while waiting for anesthesia to work, the doctor or the nurse will get some blood from you, put it in a test tube & then to the machine to separate the clear plasma from the rest of the blood components. That part of the blood contains a lot of healing properties.

Since I am having a case of congested skin during the time I had the procedure, my skin was actually rough in texture as it has lots of bumps. I was given a cleaning prior to the actual procedure & an injection to my huge acne just to prep my skin.
The procedure itself is fast. It can be done by the doctor or the nurse. Mine only took a couple of minutes & it is painless in my opinion. Compared with my experience w/derma roller that you can still feel the pressure from the needles even with the anesthesia, you won't feel anything poking in your skin w/vampire stomp. It is also more even so the redness that my face had after the procedure was okay. I was able to go out of the clinic & commute because it faded fast. And since the needle stamp is quite small, it can cover lots of areas like around the mouth & nose a little better than w/the roller.

My face felt tight after the procedure was done because the plasma had already formed some crusting on my skin. Have you had a wound and then a yellowish clear liquid forms a crust to seal it? That's the same thing used all over my face. If you don't like that, I guess you can opt for the collagen serum instead (that's what I used during my derma rolling procedure) & it will give you the soft moisturized feel. I also did itch a little with the topical antibiotic that was applied after but that is normal for my sensitive skin. 

This is done once a month so my next session will be the 1st week of February. The price is almost the same as w/the derma roller but once you decided to have a lot of session, it would be best to talk to Dra. Manuel so she can give it to you at discounted price. Right now, I am now doing it per session as I am still not sure until when I want to have this done since I think my skin will not need as many session as it used to because I don't have cystic acne breakouts anymore.

I haven't noticed any difference yet and I am still checking if I will continue to do the plasma or I will switch to the collagen serum, but the doctor suggested it would give better results if I used my own blood to heal my skin problems. And since I'm curious about he effectivity & differences I think I'm leaning towards using my own blood hehe.

If you have any specific questions that I haven't addressed here, do feel free to post it in the comment box below or just send me an email if that's easier for you. :)

Thank you for dropping by!

NOTE: I know I'll get asked this so I will put the clinic info here. Do call before you come so that you can talk to Dra Manuel.  :)
MBM Medical & Skin Clinic
2nd Floor Wilcon Builders Building (Near the escalator)
Visayas Avenue, Quezon City


Kari said...

Happy new year, Gale! :) Your skin looks a lot clearer now and I hope the treatment progresses better for you. Keep posting updates :)


Jake Dombrowski said...

I had the same treatment done. Where did you have it done and with which micro-needling device?

Crystal Gale said...

Happy New Year Kari! Thank you. Yes, I am also hoping this would be a success in removing my acne scars. Will post updates regularly :)

Hi Jake! How did it go? Is it effective for you? I am not particularly sure what kind of machine it is, sorry. I will ask my doctor about it the next time I come back. :)

jOsiE said...

Hi, i just had mine done also at MBM clinic Cagayan de Oro City..but the difference is that i did feel a little sting even if my whole face was numb. My face was super red even after 4 hours..i hope when i wake up tomorrow i can see nice results!