Monday, March 21, 2016

Kpop New Release: Got7 "FLY" MV

Anyeong-haseyo! :)

If you are a fan of Got7, then you probably know this already & have seen the video. BUT in the case that you don't follow them, I would just like to share their carrier single for their new mini album. I love that this one is lighter than their previous song "If you do". 

(based on the MV translation)
Oh ohh I wanna fly baby fly with you

(Jackson) Aye are you happy? I sure am yeah
Every morning I wake up it feels like a dream~
Like the brilliant sun is shining just for me
Today, like always, my day starts with you

(Bambam) Do you sleep well at night?
Sometimes I wake up coz I can’t believe it's true (hey)
You know what it mean, feeling scared sometimes
I run without looking back and here I am again in your arms

(JB) You are my comfort, everyday I pray I pray
You are my comfort zone above the sky
Wanna wanna fly up and over
Let me hear you say
(Youngjae) We’re gonna fly, fly
Wanna fly with you in my arms, will you go with me girl
We’re gonna fly, fly
You & I, our dreams are right here blazing inside me girl
  Fly fly our time is like sunshine after the rain
Fly fly shining brightly on you at the end of the tunnel
 (Mark) Why are you so afraid to be loved
I'm right by your side what are you afraid of
Though our love is ordinary, the value is immeasurable you hear me?
It's like flying in the sky feeling like I might fall any minute

(Yugyeom) But I will go higher, wanna soar straight up
Don't know what's at the end until we get there
So don’t let go, hold on tight
I will light up my heart, I will burn burn it up for you
Among the countless stars
You you you are in my arms

(Junior) Oh oh oh oh oh I just wanna be
I just wanna be with you
I just wanna be with you

I hope you all enjoy this great song! It's kind of hard to type the translation from the video but it's worth it haha. I'm just not sure who sung the chorus, if it's JB or Youngae.. but the rap part is alternated by Jackson & Mark I think =)


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