Friday, June 5, 2009

Interesting Tag + Award

Got this from cherrycolors ..I think this is fun to answer so I answered it even if I'm not tagged by her hehe :)

Where are you from? -- Philippines

Why did you start blogging? -- Coz I love sharing my thoughts and experiences to others and also helping them by giving my honest opinions on products that I tried :)

What's the main aim of your blog? -- To express my passions :)

What's your favourite beauty blog? -- I like many beauty blogs :)

Do you make YouTube videos? -- No.

If yes/no why? -- Because I don't like hearing my voice recorded and I don't have the time to do videos.

Who's your favourite YouTuber? -- hmm let's see..I like mizzchievous, julieg713, and fuzkittie

Have you participated in a make up swap? -- yes.

If not, will you? --

Are you more about skin/hair/make up/nails? -- here's my priorities (highest first): skin-makeup-hair-nails.

What's your favourite brand? -- MUFE for pigments, MAC for pressed e/s, Dreamworld for Foundation, Venus&Mars for lip balms and body care.

What's your make up must have? -- a good oil control powder and a moisturizing lip balm.

What's your hair must have? -- my "D-Solution"..this keeps scalp itchiness and flaking at bay :)

Current beauty obsession: -- whitening creams.

Are you happy with how you look? -- Yes.. 8/10 actually..if only all my marks and dark areas are gone then I'll be perfectly satisfied :)

What would you like to see more of in beauty blogs? -- more skin care products that works.

How big is your beauty collection? -- it is just huge in the eyes of non-makeup enthusiasts..but small when compared to other beauty bloggers who loves makeup.

Do you own any MAC pro palettes? No. And I don't plan to have one.

Have you ever been sent free products (excluding prizes/swaps) and if so where from? -- Yes. I do get freebies quite often from my purchases online :)

Which company would you love to receive products from (hint hint!): MAC, MUFE, Paul&Joe, Shiseido, Neostrata, Dreamworld and Dayna's Minerals.

Have you ever won a beauty contest and if so, who hosted it? -- No :(

What's your next planned beauty purchase? -- Neostrata Bionic Eye Cream (skincare), Young Blood Pencil Eyeliner in Black (makeup), Venus&Mars Brush Set.

Twitter Username: -- I don't twitter.
I got this award from Crystal..Thank you for giving me another award! :)

Terms & Conditions For the Award Recipient:

1. Paste the Award Logo in your blog
2. Give out the award to 10 Blogs that you feels the most inspired and most friendly
.3. Make sure u back linked the recipients' blogs to your blog.
4. Inform the recipients about the award by leaving them comments on their blog
5. Give some love to the person who give you this award.
I'm giving this award to all the bloggers on my library :)


selee said...

hello der!
i am starting up a beauty blog to help those you mind if we exchange links..
btw, i had myself as your follower.

selee said...

can you tag me with this...
im interested.

Crystal Gale said...

^ Hi Selee! Sure no problem..I'll link your blog here..and you can do this tag too! it's for everyone! :)