Friday, August 21, 2009

Tag: "What's in my bag?"

Hello everyone! I noticed that many are doing the "What's in your purse?" tag here in blogger and in Youtube and I really love reading and watching them..I don't know why I enjoy knowing the stuffs on someone else's bags haha maybe it's just a girls' thing? I don't know lol ^_^

Anyways, I decided to post my own since I love this tag so much. I have 2 kinds of is for casual everyday going out and the other is my bag whenever I go to my review classes. Since I go to my classes almost everyday, all my stuffs are in there so I decided to post that one.

Here's what my bag looks like. It's a big, black, faux leather bag of my mom. The brand of this bag is EGG, it's a gift to my mom so I'm not sure if this was from the EGG shop in the mall or not hehe. I love it because it has many pockets with zipper and it's big enough to fit all my stuffs without looking bulky.

Here are the things I always bring with me on classes. Usually, I have candies and crackers but I finished all of them already so I don't have them in this picture.
- study materials: pencil case, notebook, paper and book

- water bottle - I use Lock & Lock 1.2L water bottle everytime because it doesn't spill and since it's big, I don't need to buy or refill my water bottle frequently hehe :)

- umbrella - of course, with our weather lately, you can't be sure if it's going to be sunny or rainy the whole day. This umbrella is from Japan. It is very lightweight so I don't mind carrying it always.

- wallet and coin purse - I don't want to put coins on my Liz Claiborne wallet (it has my IDs, credit card and atm) because I'm afraid my wallet will get snatched in jeepneys if I put it out to get money to pay. I'm so paranoid haha. I don't even bring this sometimes especially if I'm with my mom who pays for everything when we go out lol

- my cellphone - of course, I need it to keep in touch with everyone.

- facial tissue - I don't use face towels and hankies to wipe my face because I think it is more hygienic to use tissues. My favorite brand is Tisyu (a local brand) because the sheets are sturdy and soft plus it is very affordable.

- loose powder - I love Johnson's baby powder or Mark and Spencers' talcum powders because they smell good and keep my ithcies away. my neck itches when I perspire and the weather is so hot (I have skin asthma) so I always bring with me a bottle of loose powder to stop the sweat.

- kikay kit - here's a close up of what is inside my kikay purse. This purse is the container of Orbis skin care (from Japan) that was given to me 1-2 years ago. Since that brand did not worked for me, I just finished them up and kept the pouch to be used as my kikay kit since I love blue and it has a magnetic lock so my stuff won't spill in my bag :)

It holds my: Johnson's baby cologne, Bench oil absorbing sheet (this looks like parchment paper. It absorbs oil and it is cheaper than other brands), mirror (this is from my Fasio compact haha), comb, lip balms (Clearagen and Venus and Mars), Loccitane lotion, Carefree breathable pantyliners (just in case my monthly came without warning), Australian Emu oil cream (for muscle pains and itchies) and a cloth for cleaning my eye glasses.

As you might notice, I don't bring makeups in my bag. I do bring a lipstick sometimes but not always. I don't need to retouch during the day so I just use oil blotting sheets when I get oily. My makeup stays put until I want to remove it so I'm very happy with that..makes my life so hussle free haha :)

Thank you for dropping by and for reading my long post. Till next time! Have a nice day everyone! ^_^


Crystal said...

swerte ka no retouching needed!

Askmewhats said...

that's a wonderful bag and nice stuffs inside, I don't carry a lot of stuffs too! just the basics :)

Crystal Gale said...

Crystal - hehe I guess a good base does help a lot :)

Nikki - thanks! it's a big bag noh? haha :)

Emily said...

wah~ Gale! I really like your bags, and the stuff u got r great

hmm...x_x i wish i was more organixed like u!,hehe i should go organize my stuff

Crystal Gale said...

Hi Emily! thanks! I'm not really organized but I like to try being one haha :)

Amanda K said...

I love seeing what others carry in their bag, fun post!

Crystal Gale said...

^ thanks for dropping by! ^_^