Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Review: Ellana Lip & Cheek Tint in Ruby

As you all know, my sister Mei is a re-seller of Ellana Minerals and she has many testers too so I can easily test some products before I buy them hehe nice advantage right? Well, my sis got herself a lip and cheek tint in Ruby because it is a best seller and we are curious about it. We are used to using blushes in loose powder form so we are quite intrigued on this item. Here's my take on this product. Take note that I'm not in anyway an expert in applying gel or liquid blushes so I had a hard time applying this.

PACKAGING - This product comes in a cleat pump container so it is very sanitary plus it has a lock to help prevent accidental expelling of product. I like the fact that you can easily control the amount of product to pump.

Here's a swatch of the product. It is very red right?
This is how it looks like after spreading it at the back of my hand. It doesn't dry too fast so you definitely have time to blend it unlike other cheek tints that you need to work fast. With Ellana, you can work at your own pace without the worry of having streaks because you don't have time to blend.
Here's what a blended one looks like..I swatched it like this so that the shade can be seen in the picture :)

My FOTD using Ellana Lip and Cheek Tint in Ruby. I applied it both on my cheeks and lips. I used it on top of my Skin79 BB cream (hot pink) then I applied Ellana Sheer Velvet all over my face to help with the oiliness.

I like how it gave me a natural flush that is long lasting. This is a great product and you can definitely get your money's worth. This costs Php180 only (around $3.6) for a 30ml bottle that is full of products.

The only thing I don't like about this product is, as with other cheek tints, it stains my fingers. I feel like if I use any kind of cream or gel or liquid blush, 50% of the product will ust go on the fingers you used in applying haha..look how stained my finger was..
..but aside from that, everything is okay. Oh before I forgot, this will also takes practice to make both your cheeks even since you need to re-apply and re-apply.
So if you are a cheek tint type of girl, then go ahead and buy it but if you are like me who hates getting stained fingers or the extra work of cleaning yourself up, then I suggest you stick with powder blushes since all tints stains ^_^

You can get this or any Ellana products in www.itzmei.multiply.com
Thank you for dropping by! till nect time! ^_^


Pammy said...

I remember liking this but I just can't make tints work for me. I can't seem to apply it right. But it does look natural. :P

Askmewhats said...

yeah, judging by the look on photos and swatch, it would be a bit challenging to use this for the first time, but yours came out so natural!

Crystal Gale said...

Pammy - thanks! yeah, I like it too but I think I'll stick with powder blushes na lang where I can use my handy brush haha I think it is a lot hassle free than using a tint ^_^

Nikki - thank you! hehe I can't seem to make the color of my cheeks even..I don't think cheek tints are for me..but I like them for lips hehe :)

Soapaholic said...

Looks great on you, Gale.:) Actually you make all products look nice, no kidding!!

I have a lip and cheek tint from The Body Shop and I end up using it only for the lips since it's weird applying it on my cheeks after foundation.

RYC, (sorry this is so long) thanks so much for all the tips. I remember reading your MMU tutorial before also when I first tried MMU and you're always so helpful.:) Thanks!:)

Crystal Gale said...

^ hi soapaholic! Thank you! me too, I just use the tints on my lips hehe..I'm glad I'm of help..i missed chatting with you :)

Vixen said...

Hi. I suggest you use cotton balls on applying and blending the tint on your cheeks. Apply very small amount because a little of it really goes a long way. I use that Lip/Cheek Tint, too. And I'm loving it.
Have a nice day.

Crystal Gale said...

^ Hi Vixen! Thank you for that suggestion..I'll try that..I never know you can use a cotton ball for cheek tints :)