Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Update for now

Hello everyone!

I know I promised another review for my next post but I can't right now..sorry...I'm not actually feeling well for a couple of days already...I have a bad case of itchy throat..I'm not actually sure if it's an allergy (like what I had before) or it's really the regular cough..It's really embarassaing to frequently cough in public...and it's painful too.

Also, I'm having a problem at work..there's an airconditioner unit at the back of my table so for 8 hours everyday I am very much exposed to cold air..I think it's one of the reason why I can't recover fast..even though I wear a jacket and I even put up the hood to also cover my head..if you could only see me..I look so weird with a headphone on top of my hoodie haha ^_^

How I wish I get well soon..Valentines Day is near and I don't like to go on a date with my cough..dyahe haha ^_^

I hope everyone will have a wonderful Valentine's Day! Mwah* ^_^


Crystal said...

sis i hope you get better!

Askmewhats said...

Oh no, having the air conditioner right at the back won't do you good, you will definitely get sick..naku sis, I wish you'll get better asap :)

Soapaholic said...

Get well soon! Hope your bosses can give you a better desk or something.:) Heehee.:)

abby said...

sis, get well sooon!!!!

Crystal Gale said...

Crystal, thanks! I hope so too..I hate coughing talaga..

Nikki, I know..I think I'll start bringing a blanket or bonnet to cover my head haha..or a thick scarf..thank you for the concern :)

Soapaholic - thank you! haha I don't think that's possible coz every table are occupied already :)

Abby, thank you!