Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chat box replies

It's been a couple of weeks since I checked my chat box and I noticed that it had a lot of advertisements in between the messages my readers' sent me...and it's so hard to sort all out so I decided to just copy all of my messages in the Chatbox and sort it out through Word and I'll just anwer them all here in this post...So it's also easy for you all to see my answer to your questions ^_^

*arranged according to date

1. 9 May 10, 16:02
lavender: hi Gale , its interesting to read your article abt your cats

-- Hi lavender! Thank you! Do you have cats too? :)

2. 12 May 10, 14:55
Malinchel: I like that plce

-- Hi! Which place? :)

3. 14 May 10, 23:11
RHiAN: hi there! tagged you.. check out this link: http://whenvanitystrikesatme.blogspot.com/2010/05/getting-to-know-each-other.html

-- Hi! Thanks for the tag. I have done this already though...here's my post if you want to see my answer: http://galelovescolors.blogspot.com/2009/08/tagged-getting-to-know-each-other.html

4. 16 May 10, 17:36
` xuannn: Hiiiiiii Tagggged ! Nice blog you have . Do visit my blogshop ^^ !

-- Hi! thanks for the tag! I'll try to visit your blog :)

5. 16 May 10, 18:19
Cynthia: Hi girl! You have a very nice blog! Do visit mine too!

-- Thank you Cynthia! I'll visit your blog soon :)

6. 16 May 10, 18:36
Hai Dang: Hello, I have sensitive-oily skin wiith marks. So can you advice me whcih Laneige facial wash is suitable for me?Thank you so much ^_^

-- Hi! We have the same type of skin. Hmm from laneige, the one I use is their foaming cleanser from the Pore line. But it's not really advisable to use it everyday coz it can be quite drying on the skin. And that's the only cleanser I have tried from Laneige so I can't really suggest stuff to you..Sorry...

7. 17 May 10, 19:25
joice: hi gale! sooo sad for the death of your dog.

-- Hi joice! yeah, I still get sad whenever I remember her...

8. 18 May 10, 21:55
Raymond: Blogwalking.. Nice blog

-- thank you! :)

9. 19 May 10, 00:11
yen: the mascara review was excellent! i think i'll purchase one na from TheFaceShop. Kaso im frustrated 4-5 times lang pala pwede i-reuse ang falsies noh?

-- Hi! Yeah, around 4 times lang. but if you take care of your falsies, you can re-use them for as long as you like :)

10. 19 May 10, 00:16
yen: and oh, i superduper love your rainbow eyes via coastal scents!

-- Thank you! hehe it's been a while since I did a look...I miss it na :)

11. 20 May 10, 19:02
Cindy: Hi.. How are you?.. Nice blog Visit my site back!!
25 May 10, 22:21

-- Hi! I'm fine, thanks for asking. Sure, I'll visit your site soon :)

12. 22 May 10, 20:53
Jessica: You Have nice blog here!! Thanks for visit.

-- no problem :)

13. 25 May 10, 22:21
kristel: hello...just happened to visit your site. just one question did you experience having dandruff or any itchiness while trying this product?

-- Hi! What product/brand are you asking? :)

14. 8 Jun 10, 16:40
joice: hi gale! visiting

-- Hi Joice! Thank you! ^_^

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