Thursday, July 8, 2010

Skin Diary Update

Hello! I'm back from a long hiatus again. I've been quite pre-occupied lately so I was unable to blog that often...Sorry for that..

Anyway, as most of you have known, I really had a bad case of skin asthma this summer and it made my skin so sensitive that I can't even put on my tinted sunblock without breaking out in addition to my rashes. For the last 3-4 months, me and my derma, Dra. Michelle Manuel, have been on the search for the "Right" skincare product to treat my skin. We can't do very much with the skin asthma because I'm born with it but at least we would be able to keep my skin calm.

I really miss applying's been so long and I want to feel really pretty and polished again especially on events like parties, reunions, etc. =(

After trying a lot of treatment products, Dra. Michelle formulated a new one for me to try. I started using it last Monday night so I'm on my 4th day now. I haven't noticed much of a difference yet but my bf told me that he notices my breakouts are drying up so I guess that's a good sign. I really am crossing my fingers that this is the one.

My skin regimen for now is just wash my face in the morning... then at night, apply the medication all over my face after washing it.

I also decided to undergo derma rolling. I have researched about it and I inquired to my derma about it and she told me it will help my skin because derma rolling stimulates your skin to heal itself. I know it's expensive but I have read that it is really really worth it. That even after one session, you will notice a difference. Hmm, I'll update you guys on what will happen. I'll do an online diary of it so that we can monitor if there would be any improvements or not...My first session will be on July 17 so expect my update on or the day after about my experience ^_^

I have a couple of products that I will review soon.

Till next time! Take care guys! ^_^


Askmewhats said...

can't wait to hear your current products Crystal, I know you've been going through much for your skint that you were born with, but hugs to you for staying positive and knowing how to deal with it in a positive manner!

nikkiz. said...

I hope the new meds work for you!
I so want to undergo derma rolling too but I'm a keloid former so I can't *sniff*...mega diamond and glycolic peel na lang ako.

Crystal Gale said...

Thanks Nikki! I really appreciate the support *hugs* I'm really trying to stay positive ^_^

Thanks Nikkiz! Really? Well, at least you can still undergo peeling right? And you have great skin already so you don't need derma rolling na ^_^