Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Haul: MBM Skin Bar

Good day everyone! It's the middle of the week and I'm quite excited today since I got a lot of products to try ^_^

If you have been following my Skin Diary posts, you must probably know how in love I am with my dermatologist's own-made products because they are very affordable and very effective on my acne. Many of my friends and relatives who went to her clinic (not just on acne problems) and used her products also experienced great results. Their only problem is the availability since she only sells her products to her patients and they get it at her clinics. And I know that I have readers too that would like to try her products but lives too far to go and have a consultation...

Well, good news to everyone! She decided to open up a kiosk at Sta. Lucia Mall just last week! It is called MBM Skin Bar which stand for My Beautiful Me. I just heard about it because I have not seen her in the last couple of months (I don't work for her anymore since May 2011...I needed to resign because I needed to take care of my grandpa who got diagnosed with colon CA)...Anyway, she contacted me to check out her newly opened stall and so I went there today even though it's very far from where I live hehe ^_^

Her kiosk is located at the 3rd level of the Sta. Lucia Mall...It's near Flawless and Dermstrata (I think)...You can easily see it because the design of the stall is very unique.. It's very minimalist and earthy...Oh, and you can see the huge nurse's cap on top too hehe ^_^

There's a slogan in front that says..

"Where the baristas are nurses and the cocktails are doctor formulated from natural ingredients."

The reason being is that, the product specialist who will assist the customers in choosing will be trained nurses...These are medical grade products and she doesn't want the customers to get something not suitable for their skin type and cause more harm than good.

According to my derma, she will also be having free consultation every now and then there so that if someone wants to have a check up before buying, they can do so. ^_^

Now, since I have been her client for more than 3 years already, I have already tried a lot of her products and so I just decided to get the new ones so I can try them out and give you guys a review.

Here's what I got from my little trip ^_^

Oil control lotion (Phph200), Pink Lemonade whitening soap (Php150 for the full size), Bright Day Cream (Php300), Stretch Mark Cream(Php500), Dry Cream for pimples (Php60), Stem Cell Eye cream (Php150) and an oil-free face powder in Mestiza shade (Php250).

According to the owner, she created every product except for the stretch mark cream which is made from Korea. And also, the ingredients used to create the eye cream and moisturizer that has stem cell as the main ingredient were also from Korea. She promised that all products have no parabens and she tried to create them with as little chemical as possible.

I will give out individual reviews for each product after I have tried them. And I promise to give a very detailed and honest review for you guys ^_^

MY RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS (that I have already tried and tested)

- acne kit - I have used all of the products there and they worked great on my moderate acne. The trial size kit is sold for Php200 only and that already contains 4 products. The size of each will last you for a couple of weeks already. My fave is the liquid powder.

- Sunblock spf 50 (Php300) - This is my HG sunblock for my face in the last 3 years. This is tinted so I can already go out with just this and an oil control powder on top and I'm good. It evens out my skin tone, moisturizes my skin without making me extra oily and protects my skin.

I am very intrigued with the cosmetics...They have oil-free pressed powder in 2 shades, 3 lipsticks and BB tint...So I will definitely get my hands on those the next time I come back.

So yeah, I will definitely start trying them out and I will get back to you about them as soon as I have my final verdict hehe ^_^

Thank you for dropping by! Bye!



iyra said...

Hi, Gale! How are you? It's been a while since I last saw you at Doc Mitch's clinic. Anyhoo, I got surprised about her new kiosk. She forgot to mention about it siguro when I went to her clinic yesterday. Ang bongga lang, di ba? :) Btw, I linked your post to my blog. Hope to see you soon! Take care! :)


Crystal Gale said...

Hi Iyra!! How are you? I hope we can meet and chat soon… I miss talking to you and seeing your lovely outfits… How’s your skin na pala? Getting better? I am thinking of undergoing her new technology procedure, the derma stamp for my deep scars since I read it’s better for those kind of scars than DR since it has a machine ^_^

Yup, Dra Mich formulated majority of the items on the kiosk…Lucky for you it’s very near your place so you don’t need to go to the Visayas clinic for skin care products na…unless of course they are specially formulated for you (just like me who she always have to change the formulation of the meds hehe) ^_^

iyra said...

Hello, Gale! Eto, my skin is uber arte and sensitive pa rin. Hehe.
I’ll try to visit this kiosk soon. The products look promising and they have make-ups, too! :)