Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Experiment: MBM Stemcell Eye Cream

Hello lovelies! How's everyone's week so far? Me, I feel like I'm on a roll because I want to keep on posting reviews or makeup looks in this blog haha..Maybe it's the Christmas spirit? I don't know, but I'm really having a great burst of energy everyday ^_^

Anyhow, I wanted to start a new blog series since I have already finished my Derma Roller Skin Diary. I also noticed that my readers like to follow me along on my journey whenever I undergo procedures and product testing. So I'm gonna start a new one!

I have always had problems with my eyes because they easily get fine lines. I also have problems with dark circles around the eye area (if you watched my failed YT video, you'll notice that I look like a panda haha). So because of these concerns, I tend to gravitate towards eye creams on the market. I have tried a lot but nothing works..either they are too moisturizing that I end up having a lot of millia (like the Skin Hour) or they do nothing and even stings me (like the Garnier and Tony Moly). I have very sensitive skin as you all know, so it's not really a surprise for me that it's so hard to find my HG eye cream.

So when I saw this new eyecream when I visited the MBM kiosk last month, I needed to grab one to try. And having stemcell as one of its main ingredient and it's from Korea, I am crossing my fingers that this could be the answer to my problem.

So the product costs Php150 for an 8g eyecream. Not bad right? I don't like spending too mcuh for something that I'm not sure of hehe.

It comes in a cube plastic pot and it looks like this...

This is what my eyes look like before I used it. So this picture was taken last November 22.

Can you see the darkening and the lines under my eyes and the laugh lines? I actually don't mind having laughlines because it symbolizes me having a lot of laughing in my life but I don't like the lines underneath the eyes because concealers tend to settle onto them and they're not pretty to look at when that happens =/

So I hope you can follow me on this new adventure. I will try to give updates monthly so as to give the product some time to work. Hopefully we'll all be seeing some improvements ^_^

NOTE: I also am going to do a series for the stretchmark cream because the reviews on that product was good. They say that within 2 months there's already some improvements on their stretchmarks.. Well, I'm very much willing to try it and I'll be posting pictures for that too ^_^

Thanks for dropping by! ^_^


Askmewhats said...

goodluck dear! Same as you, I'm proud of my lines pero kaasar nga lang when they settle in fine lines :) Update mo kami!! Hope this works!

Ida said...

Gonna follow this experiment Gale :) I have even darker circles and more fine lines.

Abby said...

I have the stem cell cream (sample) from Dra. Mich, but I'm not sure if this is the same with the Stemcell eye cream. she gave it to me for the eyes since my eyes were flaking that time. ok naman. I dont know if it's ok with eyebags or something, yung line kasi sa undereyes ko due to eyeglasses postmark e. hehe. goodluck with your experiment. will watch out for feedbacks! =)

Crystal Gale said...

Nikki - Thank you! Yeah, that's the only thing that sucks about lines on the eyes hehe

Ida - Hi! Thanks for following...Sana this works for me nga...crossing my fingers ^_^

Abby - She has two stem cell products now for the face (I'll try that too haha) and this did nothing sa dark circles mo?