Tuesday, December 6, 2011

GADGET Review: HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2010

Hello! I just want to share my review on the very much promoted printer of HP here in the country -- HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2010.

I needed a good portable printer at home to use for work since I hate going out just to print the files I needed at the office. I spend a lot more money on fare and eating out too so I told myself that it would be more cheaper if I have my own.

So I searched and searched for a good one. I want something sturdy but portable since I have a small space (My sis and I share a room together) and I also want a printer that has very affordable ink. Our Canon printer when I was still in high school costs Php1000++ per cartridge and it was so expensive that when it broke, my mom did not get a new one coz it was cheaper to have our projects printed in computer shops. And I found the perfect little printer I'm looking for ^_^


It comes with a free Logitech computer speakers and 2 small printer inks (black and colored).

It has a sticker on top that says...

I LOVE THIS because:

- It has a very sleek design

- Portable and lightweight. I can even bring this along if I want to coz it's very light and it comes with a black cloth bag for travelling.

- Prints very nicely. I didn't really expect that it will print clear and fast.

- Has two ink slots...one for colored and one for black. No need to switch inks!

- Very affordable ink. Both the colored and black each costs Php390 only! I don't need to have my ink refilled since it's cheap hehe ^_^

- The printer is very affordable too. I got it for Php3100 only at Electroworld Trinoma. (The staff there are very nice. They installed the printer to my laptop for free..I don't have a CD drive so it would be a problem for me if I'm gonna do it hehe)

- There's an indicator near the power button that shows if your ink are low already.

- I also love how it is so easy to cancel the ongoing printing. I won't be worried of wasting ink and paper if I clicked the "print file" accidentally on my computer.

I DON'T LIKE THIS because...

- The case is made of shiny plastic so it's a fingerprint magnet

- The plastic casing also feels very brittle and thin so I'm afraid that this will easily break if I accidentally dropped this off.

- The free speakers are blah. The sounds coming from it is "sabog and tunog lata". I don't know how to explain it aside from those two words haha ^_^

I definitely recommend this for anyone who are in need of a good and affordable printer. I did not regret buying this ^_^

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