Monday, December 5, 2011

Good News! + JOB Opening for Nurses ^_^

Happy Monday to everyone! Today is a very joyful day for me. I'm so blessed because I realized that God has given me a chance to do all the things that I love doing..I don't need to choose just one since I can do them all! ^_^

I believe that it is really my calling to help people and animals alike because I can feel great satisfaction whenever I made an impact on their lives. I am loving my work now as a licensed financial advisor because I can help the people around me become financially independent for free! Assisting them reach their goal of becoming financially secure and hearing them say "Thank You for helping me" to me makes me so happy inside that I can't put the feelings in I just smile haha ^_^

But still, I miss being a nurse too. I get to help people become healthier and more beautiful inside and out. So when I was forced to resign last July because of personal matters, I got sad. But I am now given another chance to still do it without compromising my current love.

Remember my post about My Beautiful Me's products? Well, my dermatologist contacted me and she wanted me to handle all online inquiries! I can't believe she trusted me enough to be able to handle that responsibility all on my own. She knows that I do blogging (because she has a lot of patients that are also readers of my blog hehe) and my sister have an online shop that I help her with, so she think it's better if I do it since I already know how.

Also, it's a plus factor that I had worked as a dermatologic nurse for a spell and I am already trained. She really wanted a nurse to do the job of answering any questions about the products. And because they are medical products, she wanted a medical practitioner to assist clients in choosing the right products for them so as not do more harm on their skin.

She also wanted me to be the "bridge" when someone wanted to consult their skin condition first before buying anything by sending out their pictures to me so I can send them to our in-house dermatologist. She is offering her services for free and she told me that she can adjust the dosage of the product depending on the client's condition if needed. This way, it would be easier for the client especially if they live very far from her clinics because I can just send the products to their house. Isn't that very convenient? ^_^

Anyhow, I am just so happy that I am given another chance to still be a derma nurse and at the same time a financial advisor. This is the best Christmas gift ever! haha ^_^

I created an email account just for inquiries so that I won't miss your questions. The add is:

I'll also be creating a website (in Facebook and Multiply) so you can go check out the products, their active ingredients, the price, etc. I'll be using the same email address for the Facebook page so it's easier to look. I hope I can finish uploading the pictures and details tonight so you can all view them ASAP.

edit: I already created a Facebook page!

I really love MBM products coz they saved my skin. Together with derma roller, the acne kit helped a lot in my skin's condition. I am very confident that these products can help you all who are having problems with acne and don't have a lot of money to undergo expensive treatments ^_^

Thank you for sharing this wonderful news with me ^_^


My Beautiful Me is in need of a Product Specialist for its kiosk at Sta. Lucia Mall.

- Nursing graduate (fresh grads are welcome)
- Lives near Sta. Lucia Mall
- Willing to work mall hours
- Personable, responsible and friendly
- Willing to learn

Please send your resume at so I can give you the owner's contact info for an interview ^_^


Abby said...

Hi Gale! grabe, naexcite naman ako sa post mo na yan...gusto ko bumili! i havent been visiting the clinic for a month or two i think...medyo behave naman si skin except for some allergies but im seeing an allergologist medyo kakaiba na kasi ang topak ng allergy ko pati mata namumula. anyway...goodluck sa bago mong career! waaah im dying to buy make up sa mbm..=)

Crystal Gale said...

Hi Abby! Thank you! happy din ako 2 na career ko haha ^_^

I'll post the products sa FB, then choose ka na lang...I can ship it to your place naman eh.. Ikaw pa ^_^