Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Review: MBM Stemcell Eye Cream

Hello everyone! First of all, I would like to thank y'all for participating in my little survey. I hope all of you will enjoy in getting to know me (a lot) better through my different hobbies that I will be posting here in my blog. Did you guys noticed my new header? I think it fits me perfectly...I love to read books, I have pets and I love kikay stuff too ^_^

Remember my post about doing a Skin Diary about MBM Stemcell Eye Cream (click here)? Well, I was unable to monitor it because my digicam broke so that's sad....this experiment is doomed :(

Anyway, since I've used the product for at least 2 months, I still think that I can give my honest review about this eye cream if it works or not.

MBM Skin Bar says:
It's unique stem cell components are in the form of epidermal growth factor (EGF) and fibroblast growth factor (FGF). They are both integral to tissue formation. Another componetn is polyglutamic acid (PGA). It is 50 times more hydrating and 100 times more effective in collagen tissue formation than hyaluronic acid. The most active ingredient in gently lightening the dark rings around the eyes is the uniquely formulated vitamin C and Chamomile extract.


- It's available locally and very affordable (8g for Php150 only!)

- Moisturizes my eye area effectively

- Consistency is very light so it gets absorbed by the skin very easily. I don't need to wait for a long time before I apply my concealer.

- It spreads easily. No dragging of the skin.

- Perfect under eye makeup. It doesn't make my eyes oilier.

- No adverse reactions. I didn't even get millia under my eyes like with other eye creams I tried.

- Smells good. No strong chemical scent.

- I love the fact that the ingredients are from Korea (they are known for their great technologies) and Philippines.

- Perfect for all ages. This is very mild and can be used by anyone IMO.


- It did nothing on my wrinkles and dark undereye circles. I thought stemcell technologies are used for anti-aging purposes so I expected that I will at least get lightened lines on my eye area but it did nothing. Maybe because it's too mild or I just had a very high expectation for it? :(

OVER-ALL RATING: 4/5 - I still love this product because it did not gave me allergic reactions and it keeps my eye area very moisturized. I just hope that it has better anti-aging properties so I can use this to prevent more wrinkles to appear.

WILL I REPURCHASE? Yes. This is a good day eye cream. But I will still look for a night eye cream that has great anti-aging properties.

What about you guys? What's your favorite eye cream? I really wanted to know so I can check them out too :)

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