Thursday, March 1, 2012

KDrama Highlights: Dream High 2 - "We Are The B"

Hello! I'm so excited to do a Korean Drama post here hehe so happy. ^_^

As some of you might know, I love Asian dramas better than the local ones because the stories are not frustrating. They don't make the drama longer just because it became a hit, they don't repeat the same events in the whole story too (Remember Santino? That kid keeps getting kidnapped and always frustrates the hell out of me). Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese dramas always have specific number of episodes so you know that every episode will be something different and important for the whole fillers just to make it long. So yeah, that's why I love them so much...and of course, who don't want to see eye-candy actors and actresses right? hehe ^_^

I am now currently watching the monday-tuesday drama DREAM HIGH 2. It only have 16 episode and they are already on the 10th. I just wanted to share this performance that happened during the first audition for the search for the super idols. I really can't help but watch it again and again on my ipod. It's so addicting! I love it!


"We Are The B" performed on the ending of Episode 9 by:

Kang Sora (Sin Hae Song)
JR (Jeong EEbong)
Jinwoon (Jin Yoojin)
Jeong Yeon Joo (Lee Seul)
Kim Ji Soo (Park Hong Joo)
Yoo Seo Yeong (Park Dong Soon)

If you are interested in watching this drama, you can watch good quality English subs at Just click here for Dream High 2 page.

Thank you for dropping by! ^_^

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