Sunday, March 25, 2012

Review: MBM Lipsticks

Good morning world! It's a bright Sunday morning and I'm happy that it stopped raining already. I can now go out of the house hehe ^_^

I wanted to review another My Beautiful Me (MBM) product. You all know how I love their skin care line (especially their acne kit) because it helped my skin so much in the past years but their makeup line is new. I have already reviewed the pressed powder and I want to move on to lipsticks.

MBM's owner formulated 3 colors for her lipstick line: pink, red and coral. The packaging is very Clinque-like. It is made of a light green plastick material but it seems sturdy enough. It comes with a plain box in the same shade of green. I threw the boxes out since there's no label on it so it's just hard finding which is which if I placed it inside the box.

I pasted a hand written label on the side of the lipstick because when I got mine, it just came out and there's no label yet. It just came with a sticker on the bottom to indicate the shade.

*sorry for the red one...I don't know what I'm thinking when I drew a circle around it haha*

As I've said, it comes in 3 shades. The pink one has a frosted finish, the red one has a watery feel finish and a little sheer and the coral one is almost matte.

Here's some swatch on my hand

And swiped on my lips ^_^

Frosted Pink Daiquiri

Bloody Mary

Orange Blush Surprise


- very affordable. It only cost Php250 each ^_^

- It is pigmented and you can cover your lips with just one swipe of the product.

- Moisturizing like Revlon Lipbutters. I have very dry lips and this product did not aggravate the dryness.

- There are 3 different colors and finish I can choose from although I wish there's more..

- Made by a licensed dermatologist so it has no harmful chemicals and preservatives

- Locally made and is created by batch so freshness is guaranteed.

- It leaves a light tint of color when it fades so your lips doesn't look completely bare.


- since it's very moisturizing, it doesn't last that long on my lips. I need to reapply because it fades after eating and drinking like with any moisturizing lip color.

- Again, since it's moisturizing, it melts quite easily. My frosted pink one melted in the tube and is already leaning on the side...DON'T leave it inside a hot car :(

- I don't like the finish of the coral one. The color is unflattering on my skintone and because of the finish it tends to accentuate my lines. I don't think I look good in orange hehe.

OVER-ALL RATING: 3.5/5. It's not the perfect lipstick but it performs well. I do reach out for my Revlon lip butters more than this because of the shades. I like satin watery-feel finishes so among the 3, I tend to use Bloody Mary more followed by Pink Daquiri applied lightly.

WILL I REPURCHASE? hmm, probably not. I don't think I can finish this up anytime soon. I'm not really a lipstick person so I tend to buy tinted lip balms more.



Havent tried these yet. The bloody Mary one looks good! :)

Crystal Gale said...

Hi! Yes, I would suggest the Bloody Mary if you would decide to try a lipstick from this's moisturizing and you can control the color since it is a little sheer :)