Monday, March 26, 2012

Review: Tony Moly Backstage gel liner

Happy Monday everyone!

I love wearing eyeliners because it wakes up my eyes regardless of what color it is. Starting late last year, I fell in love with black liners on my upper lashline so I searched and searched on the best matte black eyeliner that won't smudge on my oily lids. I came across Bridgette's post about Tony Moly Backstage gel liners and I was convinced so I got myself one.

I got the dual Backstage liners instead of the single ones because I find that the black one in this product is darker and more matte than the regular...not sure though if it's just a trick on my eyes because the lighting is bright in the store hehe.

I chose the Black Eyed Girls in 01.

It comes in a pretty neat packaging. It is made of plastic so it's very light but it seals tightly so I don't worry about the product drying out.

It is also perfect to carry around on trips because it comes with a brush. You just need to remove it from the lid. I have used the brush and it applies the product with ease but don't expect a thin line with this since it's a little thick on the tip. Though I don't have a problem with that coz I like to apply my liner a little thick so it saves me time hehe ^_^

The Black Eyed Girls 01 comes with 2 shade of gel liners: a white sparkly one and a matte black.

Here's a swatch on the back of my hand without any base underneath.

I used the black gel liner on this look using a Suesh eyeliner brush. See how matte it is? I have use it on both upper and lower lashline and waterline.

* if you want to see my tutorial for this look, click here.


- It comes with two shades of gel liner. I use the white one as highlight for inner corners or as an eyeshadow base and I use the black for lining my eyes.

- The product doesn't budge once it had dried. You need to let this liner dry first so that it would be smudge-proof.

- I believe this is waterproof since I accidentally went swimming while wearing this on my eyes and I did not looked like a racoon after so I was happy hehe :)

- I like the fact that the lid closes very tighly because it prevented the liners from drying up. I think I prefer this packaging than the one from Stila and MAC because although both of those are made of glass containers, the gel liners became hard after a couple of months. While I have had this liner for 5 months now and it still looks new.

- The colors are opaque so I only need one to two swipe to get a very black line.

- I also like the fact that since the amount of the product is not that much, I would be able to finish this before it expires. I think I can finish this in a year or two.

- This is affordable. It costs around Php700+ only.

- Available locally in any Tony Moly stores. I got mine from SM North EDSA branch.


- It is a little hard to remove since it is waterproof. You need a good eye makeup remover for this one.

OVER-ALL RATING: 5/5. I love love this gel liner! This is my favorite among all the liners I've tried. I think this is better than the MAC and Stila gel liners because this is creamier, easier to apply and the product doesn't dry up easily on the pot.

WILL YOU REPURCHASE? Definitely! I will get the brown one next haha ^_^

I believe that Tony Moly creates good cosmetics...The makeup items that I've tried from them are all great and affordable. I will definitely try out more from them :)


Janet said...

Its nice that there are 2 colors on the container. Great product indeed! Thanks for sharing..=)

REYAH said...

great review....and you got me...i want this product now.


Askmewhats said...

wow, nice idea yung 2 type of gel liner in one packaging!! Super nice eye makeup! :) Thanks for this review!

Chriselle Sy said...

I've been really interested in this for a long time but just never got the chance to buy it yet. Sometimes I have weird kuripot tendencies. Thanks for the review!!

Crystal Gale said...

Janet - You should try it. They have a lot of colors to choose from too :)

Reyah - hehe check out the other colors in their stores. Very accomodating mga SA dun :)

Nikki - Thank you! Yeah, having 2 colors is what hooked me to get it hehe :)

CHrisselle - hehe don't worry I understand. If you needed a good but sffordable gel liner, check out the tony moly line :)