Thursday, May 24, 2012

American Idol Finale Season 2011

May 24, 2012 - 8:00am (Philippine Time)

A very eventful date for all Filipinos because for the first time one of our own is competing for the title of American Idol Season 11. A lot of us are watching the live telecast here in our country. I myself is not a fan of American Idol but because of my dad, I woke up early just to see who will win.

Jessica Sanchez is a 16-year-old half-Filipino, half-Mexican girl with a very big voice. She almost got evicted from the show for Top 7 elimination night but was saved by the judges (they used the 1 save option per season) so she was able to participate in the competition and I'm glad she reached the Finals. She have proved to everyone in the world who follows American Idol that she has the talent and she can sing.

Finale Highlights: I really love the duet of Jessica and Jennifer Holliday...It's so great watching the original version of "And I am Telling You, I'm not going" and I am so proud that Jessica was able to perform beside her idol and she performed at par with Jennifer.

I can't find a video of that performance right now so I'll just show a link when Jessica sang this song during the Top 4 elimination round :) (I promise to upload another video once someone uploaded a footage on YT hehe)

I know deep in my heart that she won't be able to win the title even if she is a great singer because it is American Idol and a lot of Americans will vote. Asians are still a minority in that country and AI is a people's show and the results will always be based on what the people want. I know a lot have been disappointed with the result but I had expected it...although I still wished she won because she deserves it.It is still a title for a well known show.

BUT I know that a lot of music producers are rejoicing because Jessica Sanchez lost the competition. A lot of them are already showing interest of offering her singing contracts and are just waiting for the end of American Idol before they start convincing her. And I agree on one producer when he said, "Jessica Sanchez is too good for American Idol." I really believe we'll see more of her because she will release great songs in the future. Also, basing on the reputation of American Idol, I guess not being part of the winners is better for her. Just look at Adam Lambert as an example. He is the first runner up but he's more popular that the winner. A lot of the AI winners are not doing that good compared to the other finalist they competed against. 

So let's just take this loss as a great stepping stone for her coz she became famous and was able to showcase her talents all over the world and this will give her more opportunities for the future ^_^

What about you? Did you watched the Finale too? :)


Keeza Villanueva said...

Hi Gale. Yes i did! Same feeling that we have. I know she wont win despite her real talent. A musically inclined person (not sure of his name) was interviewed by Anthony Taberna in Umagang Kay Ganda, he said when it comes to singing, definitely Jessica is over Phillip but since it's America, and there's more ladies/teens out there who thinks PP is cute, then he wins! See the difference of their last performance wherein PP has a band with him, grand finale they say. Producers has the right to choose song for them. We really dont know what's behind it but one thing's for sure she already made a name for herself! so let's rejoice still! hehehe...

Crystal Gale said...

Very well said Keeza! So agree...I even think she has an advantage already because she's famous now ^_^