Thursday, July 26, 2012

2012 MBC Idol Star Olympics

Hello! Have you watched the 2012 MBC Idol Olympics already? If not, I have found a couple Youtuber who posted the event of this year's Idol Olympics so feel free to watch them here. These don't have English subtitle but it is still a good watch ^_^

1. Table Tennis Mixed Double

Nichkhun (2PM) and Jiyeon (T-Ara) vs Changmin (2AM) and Amber (Fx)

2. Fencing (women division)

Victoria (Fx) vs Sunhwa (Secret)

3. Track & Field (men)

Look at Jo Kwon's (2AM) face while running LOL so funny ^_^

I love Doojoon (ZE:A) in sports related shows ^_^

4. Long Jump (men)

Seulong (2AM)! He has really long legs..definitely an advantage haha ^_^

Video Credits to shu35151229 from Youtube^_^

If you want to watch the whole 2012 London Idol Olympics in 1 video, watch it here:

Hope you enjoy the videos!

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