Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Review: Avene Skin Recovery Cream

Hello everyone! How's the weather in your place? Here, it's very rainy these past week due to the typhoons that entered the country and I was unable to post anything because our internet fails every time it rains. I also got sick since Monday night because of the frequent changing of weather...sometimes it's too hot then it will rain hard. Anyway, I hope I can finish this review and upload it before the net drops again.

I am gonna do a review on Avene Skin Recovery Cream. This is a calming formula for sensitive and irritated skin according to the packaging. I don't know where you can get this or how much it is because this was given to me by my bf last April when I got really sunburned and my skin was so red and painful.

 Here's a look at the back of the tube:

 It is said to be applied 2x a day until skin returns to normal.

 The product comes in a squeeze tube and it is a light cream consistency...almost gel-like. It has a very mild scent and can easily be spread on the skin.


- Very mild to the skin. It didn't aggravate my irritated skin at all. I like the fact that it is almost unscented too.

- It helped soothe my sunburn. I was feeling comfortable after 3 days of religiously applying it on the areas I got burned.

- It didn't caused my face to breakout or have any irritations when I used it all over my face. It didn't made it oilier too.

- Absorbs fast into the skin and no sticky feeling.

- It helped moisturize my face when it started flaking.


- Cannot be used for long term use. Must stop once skin is back to normal. SO I just use it on my face whenever I get dry patches.

- I believe this is not available locally...not sure though.


I love how fast the moisturizing and soothing effect happened. And you would only need a small amount everytime coz it spreads quite easily and gets absorbed fast too.

What about you? What's your favorite skin relieving creams? Would you know if there's a variant of this cream that can be used everyday for a long time? ^_~

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