Saturday, July 28, 2012

Something personal...

Guys, please allow me to post this here. I'm just feeling down and I hope you won't mind if I let it all out here on the blog. If you're not comfortable reading about my personal feelings or if you don't like these kinds of posts, please feel free to close this window down now and just come back when I posted another beauty blog or something. I won't get angry, I promise :)

So here it goes...don't tell me I didn't warn you..

I had a very bad night and I woke up this morning feeling irritated. I thought everything will be alright once I talked about it with someone but it turned out that someone sees it differently and I'm the one who's wrong. Whatever way I think about it, I don't see wanting to give the best to my pets is a bad thing. Do you?

I just hate it when people who are not animal lovers try their best to put me down just because I care about my dogs and cats like they were my kids. Who will always pinpoint my mistakes on how I care about them. For example, is it really bad if I wanted to give my dog a shelter while it's raining? I know my dog has a good dog house that he can go stay in but because he don't want to go inside his house to sleep, he gets wet...So I just wanted to bring him inside the garage while it's raining and then bring him back out to his cage once it's sunny again. He had a distemper that reached neurologic stage last year and even if he survived it, there were times that he relapses especially if his immune system goes down so I'm very careful about him. Who can argue with a dog? They don't have human brains that rationalizes what we say...if they don't feel like doing something, they won't do it. It is then the responsibility of the owner to make sure he stays healthy and safe, right? We ask them to guard our house and protect us from harm and in return we should provide their needs and give them love and care.

I know I'm not perfect. I can't walk them everyday even though I know that I should. It's just impossible for me because of my schedule and my health, and lately it's raining frequently. So I wanted to balance it all out and give them healthy foods, clean water and a good shelter to keep them warm and dry. I am actually on the process of saving up so I can buy a treadmill before Christmas so they can run everyday. I saw it on The Dog Whisperer show that if the owner can't walk the dogs, they should have a treadmill where they can make the dogs walk any time of the day that they have time. I am really hoping I can save up the whole amount soon...the one I like is pricey because of the size (I have Labradors so it needs to be big) and it's digital.

I also hope that they'll stop saying I'm stupid just because I don't care if I spend all my hard earned money to buy dog/cat foods and keeps on bringing them to the veterinarian if they got sick or something. I don't get it.. It's my own money and I have the right to spend it for something that will make me happy and keeping my pets healthy is my priority. At least I don't spend it on useless things like alcoholic drinks and going on gimmicks every day. I don't think spending money to keep God's creation healthy is an idiotic thing to do. Personally, I think humans are created by God to take care of his creations and not abuse them.

I can't wait for the time when I get to leave and stay on my own house. I would have full authority on everything and no one will chastise me if I wanted to build a pretty dog house or something. I will definitely bring my pets with me coz I'm afraid that if I'm not here, they will die early because my family won't bring them to the veterinarian soon enough if they get sick. Don't get me wrong, I love my family unconditionally even if they all make me crazy sometimes. I just hope they would understand me much better and don't add to my problems.

I know it is common here in our country to see dogs as dogs and cats as cats but I am not like that. Whenever I look at my dogs and cats I see living things with souls who looks at me with complete trust and love in their eyes. And I wanted to give them the same unconditional trust and love that they give me.

I am hoping that everything will go according to my plan and I would be able to leave Philippines in the future and live in Canada with my future family where there are laws against animal cruelty and taking care of an animal is not just a chore but a long term responsibility. And nobody looking at me like I'm crazy coz I wanted to keep my dogs inside my house. There are also a lot of good veterinarian hospitals available so I would be able to give the best treatment possible to my pets if they get sick.

Personally, I don't think I'll miss so much here once I went. I don't have a lot of friends here coz a lot of them are already living abroad. I'm also a home body so I didn't get to socialize a lot. I also don't have many relatives that I like to be with (A lot of them are living abroad too). I'll miss my family but I can just send them tickets so they can go to me for a vacation. I'll probably miss all my pets that I will leave behind because I don't know if I can bring them all..which is the saddest part of this plan... I will definitely hire a househelp before I leave and all she needs to do is take care of my more, no less. I might do that soon if ever I will need to move out because of my work. I won't be able to bring them with me if I'm staying in a boarding house :(

Anyway, thank you guys for bearing with my emotional post. I just don't have someone with me right now to share these things. Thank you again.



Askmewhats said...

Sis, *hugs* I know you're down at the moment and no amount of words may probably make you feel better, here's the thing, you may be "stupid" or "useless" to other people but your dog, the animals you take care of, look at you as their SAVIOR! Their true friend, so keep your head high and do what you feel is right, people around you who loves you may not understand you but will get used to your "values" and "morals" may take long, don't hold your breathe, but it will happen :) *hugs*

zed chu said...

i understand how you feel. it's a bad feeling when people laugh at you with how you love your animals. i have cats here and i am glad that my parents understand how i feel about them especially when i try to be an ob/gyn when the females give birth. if we have more allowance, we could castrate/spay them all!
well, anyway, more love to your cats and dogs! i know they love you too. :D

Mej of Need.Want.Buy said...

aww. i feel for you.

I'm an animal lover myself and would go as far as be absent at work when one of my dogs is sick just to be by their side. Several veterinarians are on speed dial in case one of the dogs get sick or even just skip meals. I just love them so much and i'm pretty worried about what will happen to them if i move out (someday). Luckily, my family understands this. Even our helpers are cooperative and have become dog-lovers seeing me (us) talk to our dogs all the time like they're human beings. Animals are extremely sweet and loving when you take care of them.

They're dependent because they cannot fend for themselves so they need all the love and assistance they can get.

I hope this gets resolved and you get through this. :)

*unfortunately, we don't have cats anymore because the new dogs think of them as toys and you know when that happens waaahh