Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Review: Island Massage Mobile & Day Spa

Hello everyone! I wanted to share this review with you so that I can warn you about this well-known spa in Makati called Island Massage Mobile & Day Spa.

My mom and her friends went there last Sunday (July 29) to have their regular session of relaxation & bonding time. They were given gift certificates by their client a long time ago and have just decided to claim it now so they called the spa 3 weeks prior to set an appointment. So knowing everything is set, they came in around 11am and on time for their appointment.

They first had their foot spa before the body massage. According to my mom, the staff attending her were so quiet and not smiling so she joked her to please smile coz clients prefer friendly staffs so they would go back to the establishment. The staff forced a smile and then continued to ignore my mom while doing the foot massage. My mom didn't feel relaxed after the foot spa but didn't commented on it and just proceeded to the body massage.

After the procedure, it is common practice that they will put foot blush/tint so that they will appear pinkish and clean. Guess what my mom's feet looked like after...just check out the picture below.

 The flash actually washed out the intensity of the color but I'll try my best to describe it. Have you ever stained your fingers with a salted egg's (itlog na pula) red coloring? It was how my mom's bottom feet looked. It's as if she dipped her feet on the same coloring they used on the itlog na pula to make it red. And it was so hard to remove. When my mom noticed it, she was already in the car and she tried wiping it off with alcohol and cloth but to no avail. She also tried washing it off with soap and water and scrubbing it when she got home but it was still there. My mom was wearing Fitflops that day and it was so embarrassing walking around the mall with feet as red as that and since my mom was really fair it was so obvious even from afar. I think the staff got annoyed that my mom asked her to smile and give a good service so she over applied the foot blush to have revenge. That's so unprofessional, don't you think?

So not knowing anything is amiss, my mom went into the body massage room. Again, the staff/therapist who attended her was quiet and doesn't smile. It's not actually that that made my mom angry. It was because after she lied down on the bed, the staff just automatically pushed hard on her back without asking if the pressure is okay or if it is too hard. That's a common protocol to all massage centers, to talk to the client first before doing anything. She didn't even told my mom that she's gonna start already. My mom has a minor scoliosis and she can't have too much pressure so she really got mad at the staff for doing a very hard push on her back without any warning. It could have caused more problem to her spine and it really irked me that such incompetence happened.

Actually, it's not only my mom who experienced this but everyone in the group had some kind of a bad event happening to them during their stay on Island Massage Spa. As I've said earlier, they were scheduled at 11 am and that was set 3 weeks prior so everything should be prepared when they arrived, right? Well, guess what, they don't have any therapists available when they arrived. They were even given a guy to do the massage while it is pretty obvious that they were all females. They should have at least explained what happened or htey could have called the day before that they lack people for the day and if they could just reschedule but they didn't say anything good to make things okay. Of course they would be pissed, all of them came from the North area (QC, Bulacan, Valenzuela, etc) and they went to the spa very early in Makati (which is on the South) and the drive is long and they haven't eaten yet and they are expecting to relax but ended up getting stressed. Who would be happy?

Seriously, I don't know what happened and this spa became well known. Maybe the advertisements and promotions are good but the customer service sucks big time and the staffs are all irritating as hell. They didn't even tried to alleviate the complaints of their clients and just stayed there doing nothing. Personally, I would prefer to go to an establishment with friendly and accommodating staff. So, my mom told her client/friend who gave them the GC (they were expensive too) to stop buying GC from that spa coz the service sucks and it's just a waste of money.

I shared this here on my blog because I want to shout out a warning to all my readers. Please look for other establishments and steer clear away from this one. I'm pretty sure there are a lot of spa in the area that will provide you with good accommodation and customer service :)

Thanks for dropping by!


herroyalbleakness said...

That's horrible, Gale! Inasmuch as I'd like to be fair and hear both sides of the story before I judge them horrific, the photo of your mom's foot made me not follow that rule. Tsk.

Some company staff can act nasty when dealing with clients who use GC's. Sigh.

I'll be emailing you (evening perhaps) in a while on how you can deal with this on a stronger note.

Askmewhats said...

Oh no, I'm sorry you have to go through that! :( *sigh* I was "inggit" pa naman when I saw your post title, I've been wanting to undergo spa treatment as I'm super tired nowadays!

Askmewhats said...

I'm sorry "your mom" has to go through this is what i meant! nakakainit ng ulo!

Crystal Gale said...

Arg - Thanks siss! Sige I'll wait for your email. I would really like to complain on my mom's behalf.

Nikki - yeah super nakakainit ng ulo. Buti pa sis ko who went to nuat thai on the smae day experienced full relaxation. Maybe you can go there na lang :)

allen jony said...

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