Monday, July 30, 2012

K-pop Updates: Top 3 Kpop Controversies July 2012

July is a really eventful month for Kpop fans because a lot happened -- both good and bad. 

The Good - shows like Idol Olympics, Running Man vs Idols episode, lots of stage comebacks (SuJu, T-ara, 2NE1, etc.) and a lot more that brought joy to us.

The Bad - now this is the main topic of my post today. These 3 issues that erupted had resulted in a very negative mood for all the fans from different parts of the world.

Let's start the Top 3 countdown:

#3 Leeteuk of Super Junior entering the army

The leader of SuJu have already announced to the public that he will enter the mandatory military service right after the promotions of their newly released single "Sexy, Free & Single". It was decided by the group that they would enter the military one by one and doing it like a rotation of members instead of going in all at once and then will make a comeback after everyone is released from duty (like what Shinhwa did). Kangin who have just been recently released from duty were back on the group doing promotions while Leeteuk being the oldest of the group at age 30 have been decided to go in next, following Heechul who is already inside the military.

I guess it is better if they do it like that (rotating) because they will still be able to work and keep the fans happy with all the exposures while still being able to do their duty and serve their country. But I keep on thinking Super Junior's number will decrease one way or another because they are almost of the same age...I guess they would be affected when Yesung goes in next coz he's one of the main vocals.

It's just sad and I'll definitely miss Leeteuk on variety shows coz he's really fun to watch. And I guess this also means his stint at We Got Married with Kang Sora will end too..oh, they won't be able to read 1 year anniversary :(

#2 Nichkhun of 2PM getting involved in an accident

On July 25, Nichkhun got into a vehicular accident against a motorcyclist around 2:30 AM KST. According to reports, Khun was coming home from a company party in a restaurant near his dorm when the accident happened. The driver of the motorcycle was brought to the hospital because he had some bleeding on his ear (external bleeding not internal) which might be due to being scraped on the road since he was not wearing a helmet. It is minor but since Khun is very famous for being the epitome of a perfect prince, it has been a big issue when he made a mistake. 

Nichkhun admits that he drank a couple of alcoholic drinks during the party, so he was tested by the police and his alcohol level registered 0.056%. Now, it was no way an illegal amount, that is way too low to be considered DUI... which is why I don't get the statement that headlined the news: "Khun was driving under the influence of alcohol". He was coherent according to the police and was in no way under any kind of influence. The media was really blowing this issue up! arrg!

Another thing, the speeding issue. Khun was also not speeding because when his car was investigated, his blackbox revealed he was driving at 40km per hour (that's slow~) when he collided with the motorcycle which is driving at a slow speed too. The main cause of the accident according to the report is that both parties did not follow the stop sign at the intersection of the street.

The sad thing is, Nichkhun was so traumatized of all of these that he decided to pull out from the limelight for a while to rethink his actions and make himself a better person before working again. 2PM decided to postpone their comeback in Japan because they wanted to promote as a whole 6-member group. JPYE didn't stated an exact amount of time Khun will be absent but for the meantime there will be no appearances with him on all broadcasts.

#1 Hwayoung of T-Ara was removed from the group by CCM

Hwayoung, one of the youngest member of girl group T-ara, was fired from the group by their parent company, Core Contents Media (CCM). The company released an official statement can read the complete statement in English here.

According to CCM, after meeting with all the staff and the group members and talking about the issues, they have decided to cut Hwayoung's contract short and remove her from the group. This released statement was so ambiguous that it raised more questions so the CEO had a short Q&A it here.

This story has a lot of sides:

* CCM - Hwayoung was a diva and the staffs' sufferings are the reasons why she was removed.

* T-ara members suffered because Hwayoung decided to not participate on the stage on the last minute (2 groups before they need to go out and perform) and she did it with an attitude.Hyomin who did the rapping impromptu made a mistake because of this.

* Hwayoung was always bullied and outcasted by the other members of the group. Netizens have been finding a lot "proofs" (pictures and clips) that she was indeed bullied a lot. And after the statement of CCM about her removal, they believed everyone in the company bullied her.

Now, I don't know what CCM was doing. First, they added 2 new members all of a sudden then now they are removing one member. They have just made a comeback and this can really affect everything. There's a lot of negatives and hating going on right now. I have read a lot of articles where fans are favoring Hwayoung because she really looked like she was bullied by everyone including the staffs. These fans have started hating on other members like Eunjung (there was a petition for her to be removed to WGM and her new drama), Hyomin (there's a clip wherein she hit hwayong on the face during a message for fans...the issue is whether it was accidental or not) and Boram (she's not friends with Hwayoung on Twitter). Fans of T-ara are now separated on which side they want to believe and support and this is not good for the group.

I really believed they should have settled all the conflicts in private and if ever they still need to remove Hwayoung, they should have done it after the promotions of "Day by Day" as to not affect the sales of the single. I'm afraid T-ara is gonna disband soon. I don't think they can handle the pressure. If ever they didn't disband, I'm pretty sure there will be another member who will be removed. Wow! I can't believe CCM is worst than SME...At least SME cares about keeping the groups intact while CCM keeps on ruining it LOL

What about you fellow Kpop fans? What can you say about these controversies that are rocking the Kpop world right now? Share your opinions on the comments below. I would love to read what you guys thought ^_^

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Erisabetsu said...

a lot of happened this month.
Leeteuk we knew that already,
nickun was just unlucky.
I was really disapointed by T-ara.
Eunjeung was my biased i don't know what to think anymore.

Crystal Gale said...

HI! Yeah I agree with you on all 3 accounts and that NIchkhun is just unlucky. Eunjung is also my bias and now I don't think I can see T-ara the same way I used to.

Anonymous said...

All that "bullying" crap was invented by netizens - if you do a bit of research, you can see how they took clips from variety shows and manipulated them to make T-ARA look bad. Even AllKPop made things worse - they rewrote article titles to make T-ARA look like monsters and Hwayoung became a martyr. Even today, netizens are still faking things to try to make T-ARA look bad (see: Soyeon's faked Kakaotalk conversation and the mistranslated Psy comment).

Honestly, all this "scandal" has done is made me a stronger supporter of T-ARA. They had death threats made against them, people said they should be raped and then given HIV/AIDS, photomanipulations of them with nooses around their necks and guns to their heads... It was disgusting. No matter what T-ARA did, netizens did FAR worse.