Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Drama Review: Vampire Diaries Season 1 & 2

This was supposed to be uploaded last week before my laptop died and my uncle got hospitalized. I guess I'll just post it now to keep you all occupied for a while :)

....And because I can't use my laptop for a while, I spent a whole week watching The Vampire Diaries because my best friend suggested this to me. I bought DVDs of Season 1 & 2 last last Sunday and I finished all 44 episodes (22 each season) in 5 days! I can't believe I did that and I can't believe that I liked it so much that I ended up re-watching every sweet moments on Youtube.

I love paranormal love stories and that is why my best friend suggested this series to me (plus the fact that she have a huge crush on Ian Somerholder hehe)..she knows I will love it because the casts are all great actors compared to the other adaptations like the Twilight casts (I love the books so much but I hated the acting on the movies) and hotter too (yeah, I don't actually like Rob and Kirsten) so I won't be disappointed. Personally, I haven't read the books and I don't plan on reading them but I like the TV adaptation and I'm pretty sure the book and the TV version are different so it doesn't matter.


- The casts! As I've said, aside from the fact that they are all gorgeous, they are also great in acting. They can really make you feel the emotions of the characters...I cry when it's sad and I laugh when it's funny.

- This series got me hooked from Episode 1. There's never a dull moment for me and I enjoyed every moment I watched it.

- This series has so many twists that you really need to watch it to understand which in turn make it an interesting show to watch.

- I think it's a great love triangle between the 2 Salvatore brothers because they are so totally opposite and both of them love Elena in their own way. After 2 seasons, I am still not 100% sure which of the brothers I liked more for Elena to end up with. I hate pathetic love triangles that you can obviously see which the lead character will have happily ever after with and that the 2nd guy is just a nuisance, but in this series you can feel the confusion of which one is better. Since I haven't read the books, I don't know who Elena will choose but I am hoping it will have a happy ending for all.

- Lastly, I can't help but fall in love with Ian Somerholder in this series. Maybe it's those sexy eyes of his or his manly attitude...But he is the real life epitome of all the alpha male I've read on novels ^_^


- So far, I hate that I still don't have a copy of Season 3 and I don't know where I can watch Season 4 when it airs.

OVER-ALL RATING: 5/5 - Very recommended ^_^

I am giving this a perfect rating as of the moment because I haven't found anything that I disliked...let's see if this rating will change after I watched Season 3 :)

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Jaja said...

Season 3 will have on hanging on the edge of your seat! I even stood up screaming at the twist on the season finale.

IMHO, definetly those sexy and expressive eyes of Ian Salvatore. The guy's just oozing with sex appeal! <3

Totally agree with you, I love the twilight books but dislike the movie. All Kristen did was stutter! Rob was also not the one I imagine Edward to be so yeah I'm pretty much disappointed with the movie.

You can catch Season 4 on ETC. They air every tuesday at 8pm. Season 4 will start by October, I forgot the exact date but ETC's currently airing reruns of season 3 though I won't recommend it because you have to start at the first episode. You just have to! :)

And oh, even my hubby loves TVD. We're both die hard fans lol! Unlike Twilight, The Vampire Diaries is man friendly and you gotta love the twist in every episode :)

Crystal Gale said...

Hi jaja! Oh man, those are my sentiments as well with the Twilight movie...i really am not a fan of the lead actors hehe

Thank you so much for the info about ETC sched. I will definitely catch those on October. I hope I would be able to get a copy of Season 3 soon so I can watch it na ^_^