Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Will be coming back soon...

Hello everyone! As you might have noticed, I have been missing for a couple of weeks already here in my blog. If you have been following me on Facebook, you might know why but if you aren't, I will still share them here so that you will know I'm still alive and kicking hehe ^_^

Reasons why I haven't posted anything:

1. Our internet connection was going crazy. We always have intermittent sync and it was worse lately. 

2. My laptop have been having problems too since August and it was so hard to do anything on it.. It responded so slow and it was hard to type and edit pictures. Actually, it just decided to die 2 weeks ago and it isn't fixed yet coz I haven't bought the needed parts.

3. I lost all the pictures I took of the products I've been testing huhu. It was saved on my laptop and it's now gone. So I'm back to square one with all the items that I should've been putting up now.

4. My digital camera is also going to die soon...I can feel it.  It's getting really hard to take good quality pictures with it.

5. I actually just got home now from the hospital so it's really impossible to do anything else. I took care of my uncle for 1 whole week coz there's no one else to do it since he's all alone in this world. Luckily, he was able to go home yesterday afternoon and I was able to sleep soundly last night. 


1. My brother gave me his old desktop computer. yay! I can do my blogging from this as soon as I get to transfer and set this up in my room. I just needed to buy some cable so I can have internet connection.

2. I'm gonna start taking pictures again of the items (i borrowed my sister's DSLR hehe). Just pardon me if the items are not in their greatest form coz I've already used some of them up already.

I am really thankful that my siblings are generous with their stuff and they let me borrow them anytime. I promise to be back soon. God bless everyone and thank you for sticking with me while I fix these problems ^_^

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