Friday, October 12, 2012

Review: Finess Oil Control Sheets

Happy Friday! Time really flies so fast. It's already weekend again and I felt like I haven't accomplished anything this week =/ The holiday season is coming soon so fast! 

By the way, have you noticed how hot our weather these past few days? Well, it's uber hot here in Manila and I am getting oilier again so one of my must-have items in my bag became my best friend again -- my blotting sheets! So I had wondered if I have already reviewed my go-to brand of blotting sheets and I believe I haven't so that's what I'm gonna do right now.

(made in Japan)

I always gravitate towards this brand whenever I am shopping for blotting sheets because (1) it's affordable (only Php35 for 100 sheets) and (2) it does the job of absorbing oil on my face + some.

I wear glasses so it is quite handy that I have this on my makeup bag if I left my wipes at home...I can still have clear clean glasses :)

I also love the fact that this is bigger than the regular oil absorbing sheets like Gatsby or Clean and Clear. It can really cover a lot of areas before it got soaked.

My only complain about this brand is that it is so easy to get 2 sheets at once since it is so thin, but aside from that, it is perfect. 

Love love love this brand. I definitely recommend this to everyone especially to the students or those on a budget coz this is really a good find :)

WOULD I REPURCHASE THIS? Definitely! I have been buying the Finess oil control sheets for years now since I've discovered it. I never went back to Clean and Clear since that one is over Php100 while this is less than Php50.

Thank you for dropping by! Have a nice weekend! ^_^


Keeza Villanueva said...

Soo Funny sis. I am using the same blotting sheet at the time i opened your blog. And saw this is your current post. haha.. It's true that you easily get 2 or more sheets at the same time.

Crystal Gale said...

haha what a coincidence! I hope they can do something about it :)