Thursday, October 11, 2012

Review: Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sunscreen in Green Tea

Happy Thursday everyone! I am feeling so much better now! I am back on the track again hehe :)

Today, I'll be reviewing Alba Botanica Natural Hawaiian Sunscreen in Revitalizing Green Tea SPF 45 (broad spectrum) ..Whew! that's a very long name for a product :)

You guys know that I am addicted to sunscreens. I have fair skin and I tend to get dark quite easily especially since I use whitening products to remove my blemishes. I am also paranoid that since I am fair, it would be easier for me to get skin cancer since I live in a tropical country. I love the outdoors so I use products that have at least SPF30 PA++ everyday PLUS all my makeup base should have at least SPF15 too. I even use sunscreen during the night too hehe. Anyway, I have been looking for an everyday sunscreen that can replace my Etude House Sun Guard and my main consideration is that it must come from a cruelty-free brand.

So I decided to go to Healthy Options to search for some local brands available and then I went back home to do some research. I learned that Alba Botanica offers a great sunblock so I went back and bought one.

BRAND: Alba Botanica
LINE: Natural Hawaiian Sunscreen
VARIANT: Revitalizing Green Tea
SUN PROTECTION: SPF 45 (broad spectrum) - water resistant
NET WT: 113g / 4oz
PRICE: Php ? <-- sorry I lost my receipt and I can't remember the exact price..but I'm 100% sure it's below P600


- No irritation or breakout

- In a very hygienic container -- squeeze tube

- according to the label, this is paraben free and water resistant for 80 minutes

- This is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation to be used everyday

- It is 100% Vegan and cruelty-free

- All the ingredients are certified natural/organic

- It gives enough moisture to my combination skin. My oily forehead didn't oil up too much and my dry skin became normal looking :)

- It gives a sheen to the skin that makes it look healthy. 
I really like putting this sunscreen under powders (mineral makeup foundations, pressed powders, etc) because it gives me the most natural healthy glowing skin.

- not sticky and greasy like other sunblock I tried. Just use enough product and let it set for a couple of minutes before applying makeup

- I liked the scent of this Green Tea variant. It smells fresh and not too strong.

- It is easy to control the amount of product you want to dispense because you can just squeeze the tube and the texture of the sunscreen is a little thick so it doesn't run like those with milky consistency.

- Available locally at Healthy Option stores

- Affordable compared to other sunscreen brands.


- This is not travel friendly. It is too big and since it has a soft packaging there is a chance it will spill all over if it accidentally get squeezed in your bag.

- You can't apply to much unless you are going swimming. This can grease up big time if you used more than a pea size amount.

- Did not indicate how many PA rating it has.


I love this sunscreen and I would definitely recommend this to everyone and to all skin types.

WILL I REPURCHASE? Definitely! But I will probably try the other variant just to check which is the best for my skin type :)

Thanks for dropping by!

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