Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Drama Review: Vampire Diaries Season 3

Hello everyone! I'm alive again. It's so hard being sick..I won't give details except for the fact that I'm lying in my bed since Sunday night trying to get over my illness. I am feeling a lot better now...just a little headache due to sinusitis and a runny nose :)

During my house arrest, I watched the 3rd season of Vampire Diaries. I really needed to catch up because the 4th season will begin airing this month (October 16 here in our country at ETC) and I can't watch that if I haven't finished Season 3, can I?


I got really hooked in this series. I can't believe I will really watch another US TV series as much as this one. The last American TV show I followed was Charmed and I was still in high school during that time. I prefer Asian dramas (Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese...I don't like our local dramas) coz they have a concise story line and will not have a repetitive story line (remember Santino, guys? The kid who got kidnapped so many times, died and brought back to life so many times just to make the story longer because a lot of people watches it?) So, I am really surprised that I am following all the seasons of The Vampire Diaries :)

I have watched Season 1 and 2 back to back because I was able to buy a DVD copy but I needed to wait for Season 3 to be available. If you are interested to read my thoughts on the first two seasons, you can check here.  I've watched Season 3 in a 2-day marathon while I was sick. I really enjoyed watching it and it served as a great source of entertainment while I was lying in bed and sneezing hehe.

Season 3 really lived up to my expectations. It did not disappoint me with all the new characters and new twists that happened. I am just sad that a lot have died and got hurt both emotionally and physically. 

One of the conflicts in the plot is Elena choosing between the 2 Salvatore brothers and she did choose at the end of season 3. I am just not sure if this choice will hold over to the next season because of what happened to her and all of her friends. I also hoped that Season 4 will be more awesome and I am expecting a lot more action from her :)


The Vampire Diaries TV series has all the things it needed to make the story quite interesting for both teens and young adult alike. It has a story about family, friends, relationships, vices, and fantasy/supernatural. I am looking for ward to the 1st episode of Season 4 in 6 days :)

[SPOILER] Read at your own risk hehe ^_^

Aaarg! I really believe Elena is in love with Damon and not Stefan. I think she got her feelings all messed up because a lot of the pain that she experienced was due to Damon's lack of better judgement and actions so her mind can't accept the fact that Damon is the one she truly loves. Poor Damon being hurt and rejected over and over and over again by the woman he loves even though all he wants is to keep Elena safe and part of the living. I am wondering how Elena will feel when she remembers that Damon is the first one she met and what Damon told her before she was compelled to forget? I am definitely a Team Delena. I liked Stefan but I feel like Damon is better for her because he is not unstable.

Also, I can't believe Tyler is gone. How can he come back if Klaus' body is already burned? I also am foreseeing Bonnie becoming a little crazy and going to the dark side because of all the loss she experienced. ..And Jeremy becoming a real vampire hunter and following Ric's footsteps because he lost everyone due to these vampires.

Are you also excited that Season 4 is gonna start soon? Are you team Stelena or Delena? ^_^

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