Monday, October 15, 2012

WGM: 1st Village Meeting (English Subbed)

Happy Monday everyone!

Have you watched the last 2 episodes of We Got Married Season 4 wherein they had their first village meeting? It was so hilarious and entertaining! Whoever thought of the concept "WGM Village" is definitely a genius. It was nice seeing the couples interact together on a regular basis unlike with the previous 3 seasons that they only interact every Chuseok  Special.

 All the English subbed videos are credited to Kshownow subbing team :)

I directed you guys to their website because they do have adfly links to support their subbing team. They needed the budget to pay for their translators and to maintain their site. Don't worry, the adfly links are safe :)

Seriously, I am loving the KangYoon Couple so much because they are the most realistic for me. I believe these two have the highest chance of becoming a real couple after the show. They don't have pretenses and are very natural with each other. Also, Yoon Se Ah is definitely meant for variety shows. She doesn't act predictable and is so talented. Just see her dance. I really believe Se Ah's quirkiness is balanced out by Julien's seriousness (typical with all alpha males). Love them both!

BUT the life of the show is definitely the SunHee Couple. They bring so much energy and laughter in this season. They are the next Adam couple, definitely! Since they are friends, they are really comfortable with each other and they can do a lot of skinship..The only downside is, it's hard to believe they are a couple...they give off the vibe of being best buddies instead :)

My least liked couple is JoonSeo because they are kind of boring. Oh Yeon Seo is too serious and Lee Joon is still young and innocent. He is also always afraid and stuttering. Sometimes it's funny, but most of the time it's irritating to see all of his mistakes. I hope they improve soon.

Enjoy all the videos! Thanks for dropping by!

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