Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kpop Updates: IU and SuJu's Eunhyuk dating!

Have you guys seen the news? It's been trending on Twitter, Allkpop and the search engines. I'm even rewatching all their appearances together to check their interaction hehe :)

I can't believe it! I'm really shocked when I saw their picture...and it was kinda scandalous for a kpop idol just because Eunhyuk appears shirtless and IU is in her pjs. There's a lot of speculation from netizens that they seem like they were in bed together...What do you think?

IU is still young -- 20 y/o Korean age -- and her image is so innocent and pure so I guess this shocked a lot of people. I have read that young women who sleep with men at that young age is considered "slutty" in Korea so I'm worried about IU. I hope she can go through this scandal safely. I believe this will change the image IU built for herself because of the speculations. I'll be waiting for the change she'll have on her stage :)

I believe Eunhyuk is 29 or 30 26 years old (thanks to my reader for pointing out my mistake) so not that much difference. I'm not against their relationship and I'm happy for these 2... I'm just sad that their relationship became open because of this picture that IU accidentally posted in her Twitter (for just 2 minutes).

Breaking news of their relationship
IU's agency, LOEN Entertainment,  official statement about the issue


J.A. Guevarra said...

Hyukkie is only 26. HAHA.
Anyway, he looks shirtless to me and it seems like, he just got up from bed, just look at that face~~~

BTW, he's one of my bias in Kpop. :P

Crystal Gale said...

J.A. Thanks for clarifying his age! I thought he's age is near LeeTeuk haha.. I'll edit my post. I agree, he looks like he just got woken up and I guess that's where the "just had S.." came from hehe :)

Janet said...

i think he is not shirtless maybe he is just in tube top! lolz~ If ever they are dating I do think they look quite good together =)

Crystal Gale said...

haha Janet that's funny ^_^