Thursday, November 8, 2012

Review: Kojie San Kojic Acid Soap

Howdy! It's already November 8 today and I can't believe how fast the new year is coming. All we know, we'll just wake up and it's already 2013 :)

Today, I'll be doing a review on a product that I have been using on and off for a year now. On and off meaning... I'll buy a box, use it up, then move on to another product, then after a couple of months buy it again then the cycle continues hehe :) 

KOJIE SAN Skin Lightening Soap (Kojic Acid)
I prefer buying the small one coz it lessen the hassle of cutting the big bar into pieces and this is more affordable for me. This Php50 box contains 2pcs 65g bar of Kojic Acid soap.


Each piece is individually wrapped to preserve the freshness.

I still cut them into 2 small pieces to prevent melting too much soap coz I only use this for my face anyway so a small chunk is enough to create a lather.I then store the cube inside my empty case of Shiseido Medicated Powder (it fits perfectly!).


- I love that this doesn't melt as easily as other kojic acid soap.

- I love the fresh scent of orange.

- Being individually wrapped helped in prolonging the shelf life of the soap. Easy storage too.

- Cleanses my face well.

- This helps in drying out my pimples so I always buy this whenever I get breakouts.

- Regarding whitening, I am naturally fair already so I can't see any difference with this brand. 
BUT kojic acid is guaranteed to make your skin look brighter because I have been using Kojic Acid soap since college and it really helped lighten my skin before. Just be patient with it :)

- Affordable. Only P50 for 130g worth of soap.

- Can easily bought in any supermarket and department store.


- Can be drying like with all whitening products so moisturizer is a must

- There's no note where this is made but it is distributed by BEVI here in the Philippines. I just hope there's some sort of information about that.

I always repurchase this whenever I'm out of option or can't decide what facial wash I will buy next. It's like my go to facial wash hehe. I know I won't get any harsh reaction to this plus it's cheap. What more can you ask for, right? :)

Thanks for dropping by! 


Janet said...

I used to love this too but after using for several months my skin broke out badly. I'm sure this is the culprit as I don't use any facial product at that time. Glad that it works quite good on you =)

Crystal Gale said...

Really? That's so sad. Maybe I didn't broke out from it because I don't use it for longer than 2 months at a time? Thanks for dropping by, Janet :)

Keeza Villanueva said...

i have tried this and i love the scent too. I havent repurchased yet because I use different soap every now and then.

elaine palma said...

I've been using the product continuously for about 5 months now. It suits my skin well and my friends noticed that Im getting fairer after several weeks of using it. It is really a good buy since its cheap and effective. Although it causes my skin to dry up so i really have to use moisturizing lotions. :))

Crystal Gale said...

Keeza - mee too! I always buy something else haha :)

Elaine - Yeah, it really needs to be paired up with a good moisturizer :)

nike said...

please give me a link to where i can buy from please. am in canada

Crystal Gale said...

Hi nike! This is the website of Kojie San :)

Connie Cajipe said...

Hi miss gale! my sister recommended kojie san lightening soap to im using it for about 5 days now. I've noticed that my face becomes darker..i dont know but i thought this might be the first reaction?

Crystal Gale said...

Hi Connie! So sorry for the late reply, I've been quite busy lately. About your inquiry, are you using any kind of sunblock (at least SPF 25 PA++) everyday? Please bear in mind that if you do use any kind of whitening product, your tendency to get darker due to exposure to sun gets higher. It's summer pa so the sun's rays are harsher. I hope this helps.

jeni dsuja said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello Crystal Gale :)
Ginagamit ko na po ito for 1 week already pero parang umitim po ako. Normal lng po ba ito? Or kailangan mg.stop na ako sa pg.gamit nito? Hindi ko pa nauubos yung 1 bar na binili ko. Please reply.
Thank you in advance. :)

sumaiya kabir said...

hi can you tell me if the cathy doll magic cream really has spf 130?