Friday, January 11, 2013

Gale Eats: Farmer John potato chips

Happy Friday! Oh my gosh, I can't believe we're already ending the 2nd week of January. I still haven't felt the New Year and we're already nearing the 2nd half of the month! The next thing we know, it's gonna be Christmas again haha :)

Anyway, I noticed that I have been blogging almost everyday instead of just the 3 days I planned. I can't seem to help myself because I get this urge to post something when I wake up, just like today. So, I am gonna share with you my best discovery so far with regards to snacks.

Do you love Ruffles and Lays potato chips? What's your favorite flavor? Mine would be the Ruffles "Sour Cream and Cheddar" and Lays "Plain Salted" and "Sour cream and Onion". Those 3 are my go to flavors whenever I want to eat some chips. I would only buy them when we go on long trips though, like when we go camping, because they are so expensive. They costs almost Php100 per bag depending on where you get them so I feel guilty if I buy them more often. 

So imagine how happy I got when I found a cheaper version that tastes the same as my favorite chips! They are made by a local brand called Farmer John.The big bag costs Php44 (80gms?) and the small ones are priced at P11 (22gms) in Landmark Trinoma. 


- taste the same as their more expensive counterpart

- look, texture and size of the chips are the same too

- very affordable. 

- locally made

- can be found in any major grocery store (as far as I know, even 7/11 stores have them)


- there's only 3 flavors available (bbq, sour cream n cheddar, plain salted) so it might limit some people 

- I felt the content in the small bags is too little hehe but that's just me :)


If you love those flavors I mentioned, definitely check this brand out. They are good quality potato chips and can fix your junk food cravings at a much affordable price. But I suggest you get the big bags because you get more out of them. The small ones are for little fixes only and is meant to control your intake (I get the small ones just for this purpose as I want to limit my intake of chips).

Thanks for dropping by!


Askmewhats said...

ah I saw these! i didn't purchase kasi pa eating healthy daw ang peg ko! hahahah so I'll try this once baby is born na! :))

Crystal Gale said...

Yeah, wait until your baby is born because salty food can make you edematous :)