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I decided to do a little timeline about We Got Married maknae couple - Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo. 

SEPTEMBER 15, 2012
They became a "married couple" in We Got Married Season 4. 
JoonSeo Couple were the last pair to join the cast for the new season and watching them start from being awkward to lovey-dovey is what endeared them to me. Their relationship is the most realistic for me as months went by because their treatment of each other really developed naturally and they seemed like they really liked one another personally.

They went on a honeymoon in Hawaii together with the other 2 WGM couples. 

I really enjoyed watching those episodes because you can see genuine feelings between the two. They are the only one who took the extra effort to go out alone and bond so that they will have  more memories. I thought their skinship will definitely move faster after this honeymoon.

JANUARY 2, 2013
Oh Yeon Seo got caught up in a scandal with her on-screen drama partner Lee Jangwoo.
The two were caught hanging out together by paparazzi and a lot of news about them really dating caused havoc in both We Got Married and her drama "Oh Ja Ryong Is Coming". Although both sides denied the rumor about them dating, no once can refute the fact that it really made a huge negative impact on Oh Yeon So personally because the "aggrieved" party is Lee Joon who is an idol and have a huge fan base that supported him.

In my opinion, the positives went to the drama while a lot of negativity went to WGM due to the consequences it will have on the "on-screen marriage" she have with MBLAQ Lee Joon.

JANUARY 12, 2013

The first episode/meet up of Lee Joon and Oh Yeon So after the scandal. She explained the scandal to Joon and said sorry for the trouble it caused. There's a lot of tears especially during the backstage interview while Yeon Seo was speaking..BUT you will also notice that Joon really got hurt by this issue. He didn't truly smile and I believe he is just keeping up the appearance of being understanding for the show :(
After a lot of speculations from viewers, the two still decided to continue with their on-screen marriage and went on filming for WGM as usual.

January 14 onwards...

Some viewers are still complaining and rallying about the couple leaving the show. Some even demanded that Oh Yeon Seo should be removed because no one will believe anymore about their on-screen marriage.

Personally, they both look awkward after the scandal and you can really notice Joon not having fun anymore. It's actually painful to watch them trying hard to bring enjoyment to the show :(

JANUARY 30, 2013
News: JoonSeo Couple will leave We Got Married.

We Got Married producers released an official statement regarding the two. They said that it is now official that Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo will be leaving the show due to scheduling conflicts of the two actors with Joon having a movie, a drama and promotions with MBLAQ.

They have filmed their last episode already and will end their 5-month "marriage" on February 2 episode of WGM.


I am glad and sad at the same time regarding this issue. 

I am glad that Lee Joon will now have some free time to rest because he is really exhausted from all the work he is doing at present. He lost some weight and looks so tired so I am happy that his company removed him from this show already especially since he is not happy anymore. Not all company will take this extra step to care for their artist, and kudos to them for taking part of the blame that they did over worked Lee Joon lately with his jam-packed schedule.

I am sad because this couple started out good and ended up on a bad note. I am not blaming Oh Yeon Seo at all but I hope she took extra care and thought about all the possible repercussions of her actions. She not only destroyed her image to a lot of Kpop fans, but she also caused hurt to other people. Even if it's true that she is not dating Lee Jangwoo in real life, all the pictures taken of them will give another meaning. Not everyone will believe what you say because actions speaks louder than words in this case.

So in the end, We Got Married Season 4 will continue running with 2 couples for now until they find a new one. I hope it's another idol and actor mix because putting idol couples only will not make it attractive. I am really crossing my fingers that I will like the new couple because I am having a hard time liking the Kwanghee-Sunhwa couple because they look like they are just playing around...while Julien-SeAh couple is starting to bore me because Julien doesn't seem genuine with his feelings so it is kinda ruining the vibe for me. Also, since they get so little air time every week, I can't seem to learn to like them that much. Hopefully, these two couple can still hold my attention and rekindle my love for them especially the KangYoon couple.

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