Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Movie Review: Warm Bodies

Happy Wednesday!

Me and the bf watched Warm Bodies last Saturday and I was meaning to post a review sooner but I didn't have time. It's still showing in cinemas so this review is still not that late and you can still watch it with your friends or love ones :)
TITLE: Warm Bodies
DIRECTOR: Jonathan Levine
GENRE: Zombies, Love Story, Dystopian, Comedy

This is set in a time where there are zombies roaming around and the only safe haven for people are inside a compound surrounded by a high wall and protected by military. Every now and then, some volunteers were trained and set out into the open to get medical supplies and food for the people.

R is a zombie that has started to "think" and have found an urge to protect a girl named Julie who he have met during one of their search for food.

A new kind of friendship evolved and they found themselves changing not only themselves but also everyone around them.

Nicholas Hoult as R
Teresa Palmer as Julie

*for the rest of the cast, click here.


To tell you guys honestly, I am not a fan of zombies because I get nightmares quite easily hehe...I have a very imaginative mind since I was a child and I don't like watching horror flicks. I didn't actually plan on watching this but my bf wanted to since this got a high rating over at Rotten Tomatoes (a site wherein they gather and summarize all ratings done by movie critics) and even the book have gotten lots of raves. So, yeah, I gave in and also because I was curious how they will make a zombie romance. I think it's kinda gross compared to vampire romance because zombies don't take a bath and only eats humans so they must smell bad, don't you think so? Anyway, I can't remove that from my mind while watching the whole movie but it didn't deter me to see why it did get a high rating.

First of all, everything was executed perfectly-- from shooting angles, the lighting, the acting and the effects. I really liked the storyline and I commend the author of the book for thinking about this because I believe this is the first approach to "humanize" the zombie genre. The way the story progressed made me changed my mind from being grossed out to being awed because I started appreciating the developments and connecting them to the whys. Although I haven't read the book, I think they still have really done a good job in this movie. Unlike with other novel-based movies, if you are not a fan of the book, it would be a little harder to understand what's going on in the film, but that's not the case here. Even those who are not familiar with the book can still enjoy and understand the movie.

I really enjoyed the humor they incorporated. They are very much scattered all over the movie and each time they arises it would make the whole cinema laugh! It's really that good and funny, I swear! There's no dull moments in this film which made me so thankful because even though I'm unsure about zombie romances at least it made me laugh a lot  :)

The guys who acted like zombies are awesome especially R and M. They can make the audience laugh even with only their zombie actions and short burst of "dialogues". I can't believe they were able to act that good as zombies.


On the side note, have anyone else noticed that the girl who acted Julie looks like Kirsten Stewart? There are some angles that they looks the same and I did double take a look. Luckily, Teresa Palmer acts a lot better which made this movie a lot more enjoyable. 

My favorite part of the movie? It was those moments when R is having a dialogue through his mind. Whenever he is thinking about something but can't say it out aloud because zombies can't talk. Yeah, those are the best because he is hilarious-- those comments are the bomb :)

TRIVIA: My bf told me that this story is kinda based a little from "Romeo and Juliet". When he mentioned that, you could definitely pinpoint which ones are from that famous love story. The names are a given (R for Romeo, Julie for Juliet and even M (R's zombie best friend) for Mercusio), the difference in social status, and the balcony scene too. There are a lot more but for someone who is not a fan of Romeo and Juliet, those 3 things are the only ones I know hehe.

Definitely a must see movie! Everything is perfectly executed and you can't go wrong with this one. It is also a good date night movie for Valentine's Day. I can't believe I watched a chick flick with my bf and hear him say "this is the best movie of 2013 so far" and if you know my bf, you should definitely believe it's great because he is so critical and hard to please.

Thanks for dropping by and Happy Valentines' Day!!


Shiela aguado said...

Nice review! I really enjoyed watching the movie. I also thought that the girl was Kirsten, but she wasn't. Nicholas is still cute in his Zombie look. I love the whole story, it's not the very typical love story that we used to see in some romantic movie.


Kri said...

Cool review...and she does look like Kirsten!! LOL Gotta watch this movie!

Crystal Gale said...

HI Shiela! I so agree with you. This is great because it didn't follow the typical love story found in a lot of teen movies/books nowadays :)

Hi Kri! Thanks! Go watch it coz it's definitely worth it :)