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Review: The Romantic and Idol Season 2

Hello! I have just finished watching The Romantic and Idol Season 2 today which aired its last episode this weekend and was so shocked with the ending. I do suggest that you watch this first before reading my review as I can't promise you guys that this will not contain any spoilers. I don't think I can refrain from saying something because I am gonna compare the 2 seasons so if you haven't seen Season 2 yet, feel free to click here so you can get directed to Kshownow and watch it with English sub :)

SHOW: The Romantic and Idol
AIRING PERIOD: December 30, 2012 - February 10, 2013



Jonghun (Ft Island)
Kevin (ZE:A)
Minhyuk (BTOB)

Yang Jiwon (Spica)
Yewon (Jewelry)
Eunyoung (Two X)

*My review for Season 1


This is definitely an entertaining program and I really believe it is not scripted because if it is, it wouldn't end like how it did. The casts really did follow what's on their hearts and decided to act accordingly. I love it!
I'm also happy that they edited this in a very nice way unlike with Season 1 which used a lot of repeating scenes to make it reach 8 episodes. I really believe 6 episodes is perfect for a 4 day dating show.

Oh my gosh! All I can say is, this season is way different than the first! This felt more real too because the reactions and decisions doesn't seem scripted. Even the "final decision" is a surprise because of the ending for all the couples.

I am gonna warn you guys, again, if you haven't seen this Season yet, please feel free to watch it first then come back to see my review as this will contain spoilers for the show.


ZE:A Kevin is the only one who I think didn't get to shine in this show. He's too quiet and shy for a variety dating show. No one actually chose him as an option since he doesn't put any extra effort to show the one he likes that he likes her, although it never changed since the beginning. I don't think he is ready yet to be part in a show like this. I'm just sad coz this show could help him practice for real life as he doesn't have any experience in dating until now.

Eunyoung from TwoX is the youngest female in the cast and I believe she gained a lot of fans with her participation. I didn't know her but she stood out the most among the four females because of her character and personality. Although she is very young and shy, all her interview parts are hilarious and full of charms. if only she warmed up a little faster to the others, she would probably have a lot of votes from the men because her happiness is contagious. She doesn't whine too and use cutesy voice like Yewon does. I really love Eunyoung and I hope I can see her in lots of variety shows soon :)

N is also okay but I just get to see him because of Eunyoung so I don't think it showed any of his charms. I do liked the fact that he turned off the camera when he and Jiwon had dinner together because it showed that he wanted to have a private talk with her and get to know her better. I think that's the trigger why he decided to choose Jiwon in the end instead of Eunyoung.

I can't believe there's a 2nd Seungah in this season. Poor G.Na becoming a comfortable noona to all the guys and never looking at her as a possible "love interest". I think it is actually the fault of the casting director because they didn't consider putting an older man in the roll of casts. All of them are too young for the girls because majority of them are older by a couple of years. I hope if ever they make a Season 3, they will cast older guys instead to make it more balanced. So sad because she's really a cool chick and deserves someone who will cherish her more.

Jonghoon stood out among the men, because since day 1, he followed his heart and went to show Yewon that she's the one. Although a lot said bad things about him, I really think he is the only one who is really honest on what he feels and stuck by it. He said pre-recording that he likes Yewon and when he saw Yewon is part of the show, he really went all out in "courting" her and showing everyone that he genuinely likes her. I don't think it's his fault that even though he liked G.Na at first, it changed after seeing Yewon and his like for G.Na became that of a noona. It's also commendable that he was really honest about it and never lead the other girls on like what Minhyuk did. He also stayed as a real gentleman to G.Na when they date even though he doesn't like her romantically which JB didn't do in Season 1 with Seungah. He is really a man, in my opinion.

Jiwon is also daebak! Even though 2 men chose her for the final decision, she decided to stay single because her final choice is not included. I hoped Seungah was like that when JB chose her in the end because he felt sorry. Jiwon is really cool about all these and the ending was really unexpected which made me believe this is unscripted.
Yewon and Minhyuk are meant to be together. They both liked each other since the beginning and they got paired to almost all the shuffles in the season which is commendable. They are comfortable and looks like they really are having so much fun. It is also fun to watch them trying to like other people but always ends up choosing each other. So, yeah, I think these two have a chance of really dating in real life hehe...IU just hated that Minhyuk always try to fix his hair and looks at the camera. he is so narcissistic.

So yeah, overall, I think this is not as scripted as the first Season. The only couple pairing was Yewon and Minhyuk and everyone else ended up alone. I guess Eunyoung's "curse" got granted when she got sad that N didn't chose her or anyone for that matter. No one should cross Eunyoung LOL. Anyway, I think I will still watch Season 3 if ever they decided to go again. I just hope there's a balance in the age between guys and girls.

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