Wednesday, February 13, 2013

We Got Married: 2AM Jinwoon + Go Junhee

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As I have mentioned in my last post about WGM, Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo couple have already left the show. At first I thought it would take some time before they find a replacement but boy was I wrong. Just last Saturday on February 9 airing, they already introduced the new couple! I was actually glad that it is another idol-actress pairing because it would be quite boring if it's another idol couple. Jinwoon of 2AM was already a "part" of WGM in Season 3 because he was one of the studio MC commenting on the show and he was really entertaining at the time. I am glad that he became part of Season 4 as a couple because I know he will do well and the show will be more fun to watch since he knows what are the things expected of him. He is paired with an actress named Go Junhee who is 6 years older than him. This age gap reminded me of the Sangchu Couple HwangBo and Kim Hyun Joong which I loved. Hopefully, they can give a lot of new flavors in the show because Jinwoon is a noona killer haha :)


I have already watched their first episode and I believe they will do great! Go Junhee has a somewhat 4D personality and she is very honest and knows what she wants so I liked that about her. Aside from that, she is also very pretty and tall so it really makes a striking appearance. While Jinwoon is actually so mature and manly which I didn't expect from him. He didn't actually care that she was older than him because he was used to dating older women and knows how to act around them. I believe that this couple will progress more smoothly than the JoonSeo couple because Jinwoon is not the shy type and he will definitely move a lot faster. There will be less awkward moments between these two, definitely. I can't wait for Saturday to come so I can watch more of their interactions and see how they relate after their first meeting. Great job WGM PD!

You can watch their first episode at Kshownow or you can click here and it will direct you the episode last week.

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