Sunday, February 17, 2013

Review: Purederm Baby Wipes

Happy Sunday!

I'm so happy that I'm feeling a lot better today.. I got sore throat since Friday and it hurts to swallow but now I'm okay and I can post something for the weekend Yay! :)

I wanted to share with you all my favorite baby wipes/wet wipes because it is the best I have used out of so many brands that I've tried -- It is Purederm Baby Wipes with Olive Oil.

BRAND: Purederm
# of SHEETS: 80 pcs
PRICE: Php99.00





- I love the quality of the wet wipes. It is so soft that it doesn't scratch my sensitive facial skin (and even baby's skin) and it is durable enough that it doesn't rip quite easily. To tell you honestly, I haven't rip this yet even when I used it for my body.

- I also love the packaging. The sticker seal and the lid keeps the whole pack moist upto the last piece which is great because it saves you money!

- Multi-purpose. Can be used for cleaning babies, wiping pets or for personal use. This is effective in removing face makeup and it's the best tool to use with your eye makeup remover as it doesn't absorb too much product like cotton pads.

- Hypoallergenic. I didn't get any kind of skin problem from using this.

- Contains no alcohol which can dry out the skin.

- Affordable and locally available. 80 decent sized wipes for a hundred bucks? That's a steal!
I got this at Landmark Trinoma which is very near to my place so it's convenient.


- As with all wet wipes, this can cause the pH of your skin to change and can cause dryness and irritations. 

- Not enough to be a substitute for washing your face with a cleanser but for times that you are really tired and just want to crash to bed using this is still better than not cleansing at all.

- Easily gets out of stock in stores.


I can't find a better alternative for this because this brand is the most sturdy wet wipes I have used ever and it is one of the softest and mildest too. No breakouts so far even after almost a year of using this almost every night to remove my makeup.Love this product and will continue using this!

What's your favorite makeup remover? :)

Thanks for dropping by and have a great week ahead!


Askmewhats said...

Agree! as good as a gentle wipes could get, nothing beats washing the face with water and facial wash pa din no? but if you're outside and need some "immediate" cleaning, this is really handy!

Crystal Gale said...

Hi Nikki! Yes, I agree with you. Have this one handy especially if your on the go :)