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Fan Girl Moments: 2PM and CN BLUE Live in Manila 2013

As you all know, I'm a Kpop fanatic and I would definitely not miss a chance of seeing my favorite groups if ever they will have a concert here in the Philippines. I know that the life span of a Kpop group, on average, is less than 5 years so I don't want to risk it that they might not be coming back here again so I need to grab the chance as I can. I am also always hoping that I do have enough budget for a concert ticket whenever one of them is coming.

These last 3 years have been very good to me especially as a Kpop fan. A lot of groups (and even actors) have been coming here in our country to either promote or perform in a concert and I believe the list will keep on growing as a lot of these concerts have been almost if not sold out. 

The last 2 Kpop groups who had a concert here were 2PM (March 2, 2013) and CN Blue (June 15, 2013). I have attended both of these concerts and those nights were really very memorable for me. I had come with my sister and we were so glad we did go because the performances were spectacular! They really go all out :)

Highlights of the night:
- I rode a double-decker shuttle bus from the public transport terminal at MOA going to the MOA Arena for FREE! It's a free service to all the fans who will be watching the concert. It's so cool because it's the first time I get to ride one hehe :)
 - Our concert seats were very near the stage! I was able to see them up close and personal! Me and my sis got the Patron seats since we both didn't want to stand and get pushed around by people in the VIP section hehe We really made the best decision because we were able to see them real close and on eye level too :)
- Even though the sound system had some glitches in the first song, I was glad everything got fixed asap and the group's live performances went on smoothly after that. They were a really talented group and very professional too.
- The performance was spectacular! There were so many light effects and fireworks during the concert. It really helped pumped up the energy. I stayed up standing the whole evening because I can't stay still haha I screamed and sang and dance with the 2PM boys :)

- I appreciated the translated messages they placed at the background screen whenever the boys are talking. It was easier to understand them and we were able to respond to them too. I really think it made the concert more personal for us fans because they exerted some effort to reach out to us in our own language.
 - The only sad thing about the whole event is that it didn't get sold out. The concert was not promoted properly (shame on you HOOPLA!) and the buying period for tickets were only 1 month. Even the announcement of the concert itself was less than 2 months so there's no time to save up enough money especially since this was held only 3 months after the Kpop Fantsy Concert which a lot of Kpop fans attended. Another factor that I can think of is that they held a concert in a time during their hiatus. 2PM have not been promoting for 2 years so the number of their fans is not that many anymore compared to Big Bang and Super Junior. Luckily, the boys were still professional enough and had still performed with smiles and enthusiasm all throughout the night :)

I was only able to watch this because my ticket was a gift from my bf since he knows how much I love 2PM. I am forever grateful to him because he helped me fulfill one of my dreams :)

Highlights of the night:
- Even though I was only able to get an Upper B ticket, I was still happy about the fact that I was sitting in the center and in the front row. There's no one blocking my view and I can stay seated if I wanted to. 

- My sis and I got jealous with the other fans and bought a light stick and cardboard binoculars haha It was so nice to see the whole audience area with blue lightsticks just like what I had watched of concerts on TV.

 - The CN Blue boys decided to talk to their fans in English and Tagalog! I really appreciated their effort even though I can't seem to understand some of the words they're saying hehe 

- Yonghwa and Jungshin are really hyper that night. They kept on laughing and smiling and creating chaos. It was really fun to see the boys having such a great time.

- Jungshin and Minhyuk really displayed their great skills in playing their respective instruments! Holy moly! They are really good!

- The most memorable for me was when Yonghwa made a mistake and said "Singapore" and changed it quickly to "Philippines" haha that was epic because he looked sheepish and kept on saying sorry after that. He also tried to make amends by tweaking the last part of "See My Eyes" to "I love Philippines!" I really enjoyed that!  He also kept dancing the whole night and he looked so handsome :)

- The boys also surprised Yonghwa by singing Happy Birthday to him after talking to the fans in Tagalog (they were holding cue cards where they read sentences about their instructions to us) :)

- There were also fireworks and lots of light effects which looked so cool. Even the transition to 2nd act was great. Everything was well executed.

- CN Blue performed with energy and enthusiasm and you can really see that they were enjoying while performing :)

- They were able to fill up Araneta Coliseum! I do hope they come back again :)

I really had a great time in both concerts and I am really happy that I were able to share these very memorable moments with my sister. We are really close and I am happy that she is always willing to join me in my Kpop crazy moments haha :) 

Thank you for dropping by!

FYI -- Some of the Korean artists who came here:  
(this is not a complete list)

SHINee (Korean-Philippines Friendship event)

4Minute (Mall Tour)
Beast (concert with Kim Hyun Joong)
Kim Hyun Joong (he also came back in 2011 for The Face Shop Asia Tour)
Super Junior (they also came back in 2011 for SS3)
2AM (album promotion)
Super Junior Siwon and Donghae (for Bench)
Big Bang 
Lee Min Ho (for Bench) <- 2013="" 6="" br="" concert="" have="" he="" his="" july="" solo="" this="" will="">

Kpop Fantasy Concert - SNSD, EXO, Infinite, U-Kiss, Tasty, Tahiti
CN Blue

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