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Gale Reads: Chosen at Nightfall by CC Hunter (Shadow Falls Series #5)

Happy Tuesday! It's been raining again these last few days and I think a typhoon will come again soon. Since I can't go out, I stayed at home and read a book from my To-Read List.

The last installment for the Shadow Falls Series by CC Hunter has already been released last April 2013. I have reviewed the first 4 books so you can read those first if you're new to the story :)

Chosen At Nightfall is the end about the story of Kylie Galen, a chameleon teenager who had struggled in learning who she really is. Kylie thought she was just a normal teenager dealing with a broken family and psychiatric problems (she sees ghosts) until she got enrolled at Shadow Falls Academy and learned about her supernatural capabilities. After accepting the fact that she is a supernatural being, she then struggled in finding out which specie she belongs to because her brain pattern is very unique and it changes frequently. Book 4, Whispers at Moonrise, solved her identity question and it ended with a big question mark about her decision to stay with her clan and also who she really wants between Derek and Lucas.

My thoughts:
I loved Chosen At Nightfall! It's the perfect ending for this series because it solved all the conflicts of Kylie and had a happy ending. CC Hunter proved true that she can really write Young Adult stories that involves different kinds of love and relationships while still incorporating lessons for teenagers. She was also able to insert the importance of self preservation and safe sex throughout the series. I didn't like her initial approach of "sex is bad and gross" because I thought it's over the top, but after reading book 5, I get to understand that she wants to show a more realistic view about the topic. She wants her readers to see how Kylie and the gang developed and mature not only physically but also on their beliefs and actions. For me, the way CC Hunter ended the story is commendable because she created a balance between the different species and also between family and friends. She also showed how teens can become independent and decide for their own while still respecting their family especially their parents. 

RATING: 4.5/5

Chosen At Nightfall is a great final installment for a good series. I have seen a lot of series that ended badly but CC Hunter were able to keep the quality until the last book which made me really happy and content. I gave this 4.5/5 rating because the author could have made this story a little longer or more detailed. The last 1/3 of the story felt a little rushed and she could have placed some more details and importance about the problem solving process instead of just saying this is what we did and this is the result, everyone is happy. But aside from that, I am glad it does have a happy ending for everyone :)


I am so in love with this series! It has a fresh approach wherein the author incorporated the popular groups of supernaturals and created a boarding school for them to interact with each other like in Xmen. If you love paranormal stories, you will definitely love this because it have vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, faeries, witches and warlocks, and even chameleons who have a little of everything, all in one story. This also have a lot of lessons that will benefit teenagers because a lot of the conflicts involved were the problems encountered by teens like divorce/infidelity, long distance relationship between friends and family, unsupportive parents, breakups, jealousy, friendship, being the odd man/unique in class, and dealing with authority figures like teachers and family. I recommend this to anyone and I believe even kids can read it as it doesn't have romance involved so parents can relax.

FYI: According to CC Hunter, she will start a spinoff series where the vampire friend of Kylie, Della Tsang, would be the main character! I will definitely read that because I would still be able to see the rest of the gang even if they are just glimpses. Also Della is really fun and seeing the Shadow Falls Academy through her eyes would be amazing!

Thank you for dropping by and I hope you all have a great week ahead!

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