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Gale Reads: Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris

Hello everyone! I really miss blogging so much. I can't believe I've been MIA for almost 3 months (again!) as I didn't expect that I'll be so busy and tired during my training at work. Anyway, it is finished and I'm back!

As I had some free time to read, I decided to pick up the last installment of the Sookie Stackhouse Series (True Blood) by Charlaine Harris which was released last May 2013. I have been following this book series since last year and I am planning on buying all the books for my collection as I have just read this series via ebook format and I would love to have them in a printed format so that I can re-read them anytime I want plus it's nice to look at on my bookcase haha :)

I love that it looks like a cartoon and the choice of colors the artist have used. I also think that all the elements on the drawing signified the characters that had a great impact on Sookie's life all throughout the 13 books like Quinn the weretiger, Alcide the werewolf, Sam the Collie and the Bats to signify the vampires.  Even the tomatoes and flowers signified something so every part of this drawing symbolizes the highlights of the story.

When I do buy the complete series, I will get all of the books in this version of the cover because I loved this cover compared to the True Blood version. I really don't like faces of actors on books because they didn't look like what I had in mind hehe :)


Sookie is a telepathic barmaid at the Merlotte Bar at Bon Temps, Louisiana and is living in a time wherein vampires, were-species, shapeshifters, faeries and witches are open to the public about who they are. Sookie had been living in the center of the supernatural world as she had been romantically involved with the vampires (Bill and Eric), the weres (Alcide and Quinn) and a shapeshifter (Sam). She's also connected to the Supe world through her family (her grandfather and cousins are fae and her brother is a werepanther) and friends (Pam is a vampire, Amelia is a witch, Mr. Cataliades and Diana are half demons). Personally, I really enjoyed reading this series and I am really looking forward on how Harris will end the story since there's still a lot of uncertainty in the previous book.

This is the last book of this series so I have been expecting a lot from the author to wrap everything up with a nice little bow on top. The story about Sookie Stackhouse's life have been going for a decade already and I really think it is time to end it. It have been so interesting too that even HBO decided to make a TV adaptation on it and it also became popular. I do believe the TV series True Blood is still ongoing right now and it did have a following although I am not part of those people as I hated it.

I liked that everyone had a happy ending and all the conflicts did get answered. Harris did a good job in the writing department, as always, because I have hardly found any error in the story telling and her kind of writing style (which I loved) is still there. It was still a page turner as I have been really curious on what will happen next as Harris is very fond of putting so many twist and turns on a story.

I would have given this a higher rating but the previous books (specifically books 1-9) are way way better compared to this. There's no element of excitement anymore which I don't know why I felt that way even though there's a lot of things happening in the story. Maybe I just got bored in the story or I lacked the enthusiasm because I knew from the beginning of the book who she will end up with. If you want to see the details why I gave this book a 3/5 rating, then read on.



I have read book 1-10 consecutively, then books 11-12 a few months after and book 13 after a few months again. 

When I read book 1-10, I was so engrossed to the series that I finished all 10 books so fast! I think I've read it in less than 2 weeks, roughly 1 story per day. The way the story progressed and changed made it a page turner and I really enjoyed being part of Sookie's life. There have been no dull moments for me while reading and the way Charlaine Harris build a character make you love them even more even though they are not the main characters. If you want to read my detailed review on books 1-10, click here.

I got afraid to read books 11 and 12 because of the mixed reviews it received so it took me awhile before I read them. I even forgot to make a review of those two here when I did finished reading them. All I can say is that they were less interesting than the first 10. It felt like Harris just made them out of pressure to make the story longer, somewhat like a filler. The story went crazy especially in book 12 wherein Eric got weirder and weirder.

Now, book 13 came and it went downhill even more. I really hoped that she can revive the story but I was so disappointed. After all the emotional building for Eric and Sookie's relationship, they will just go their separate ways and easily forget their "undying love" for each other. They have been through a lot and have came out of those scratched and injured but still alive and in-love.

I really don't know why Harris made Sookie end up with Sam. They never had a romantic relationship in all those 12 books. Sure, they have known each other for the longest time and Sam have the hots for her, but their relationship is really platonic and is always on the backseat of whoever is the current boyfriend of Sookie. If only Harris made it clear since book 1 (or even in the middle) that they like each other or that there's a chance of them romantically loving each other secretly without them knowing, I wouldn't have a problem. BUT they don't have anything between them aside for loyalty and friendship all those years so it's quite a shock when they did end up together at the very last leg of the series. 

I'm also quite sad that Harris made Eric so bad in the last 3 books. Is love for a  vampire that shallow? Is that what Harris wants to show in this series? That everyone should stick with their own kind and be safe and content? 

I don't know the answer anymore to all the questions in my head about this series. I should have stopped reading in book 10 because now I am not sure if I still loved this series or not just because the last 3 books became soupy in content. I'm still giving the whole series a 4/5 rating because the first 10 books are great and I did enjoyed those.

Thank you for dropping by!

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