Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Update: Amore Pacific will go Cruelty Free!

I just wanted to share this wonderful news to all of you! I am definitely happy that Amore Pacific decided to stop animal testing starting May 2013!!! Brands under them will all follow suit such as Laneige and Etude House which are both available locally and does deliver wonderful products. I am just waiting for their Leaping Bunny certification that they are indeed cruelty free and I will also do a lot more research on whether ALL the brands under them will also become cruelty free or not. This is a happy day!

Here's a copy from the BUAV website: 

BUAV welcomes announcement by Amore Pacific, Korean cosmetics company


The BUAV has today welcomed the excellent news that leading Korean cosmetics company Amore Pacific is ending animal testing for its cosmetics and ingredients from May 2013.

The BUAV Director of Policy, Dr Nick Palmer, has been in high level meetings in Korea this week to discuss how the country can follow Europe's lead in ending animal testing for cosmetics. He said, “Compassionate consumers everywhere will be delighted by this commitment to ethical standards. We now look forward to working with Amore Pacific to gain Leaping Bunny certification.”

Dr Lim of Amore Pacific said, “Amore Pacific is responding to the wishes of our consumers and we have listened to the global concerns so effectively expressed by Cruelty Free International. We look forward to the time when there will be a global agreement to end animal testing for cosmetics.”


Ann said...

but they still sell in China right? I'm so happy but I still don't want to buy their stuff if they sell in China...

Crystal Gale said...

Hi! That's why I'm still waiting for the leaping bunny logo first. They are very strict about the China issue too...let's all wait for it to be official. I hope they pull out from China soon..

MeowMars007 said...

Any updates?

MeowMars007 said...

Sadly, they will never have a Leaping Bunny logo. First, if you look at the Leaping Bunny list, it is very small and most of the brands are unknown and hard to find. It seems no companies go through them. If you e-mail them, they will tell you they know nothing about brands not on their list.
Second, I e-mailed Amore and never received a reply, so e-mailed KARA and they said Amore has no plans to pull out of China. It applies only to them testing. Which makes them not cruelty free.
I cannot find ANY Korean brands that are safe. Which sucks because the US makes bad BB creams...:/

MeowMars007 said...

I found this...http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/cndy/2013-06/28/content_16677410.htm