Thursday, July 25, 2013

Review: Aroma Resort Body Milk in Happy Sweet Peach

I've been on the roll today haha this is already my 3rd post. I will be doing a review on a body lotion that I received as a gift last year from a Japanese friend. I have been using it for a long time and I can now give my final verdict.

Aroma Resort Body Milk in Happy Sweet Peach

It comes in a big squeezable tube which stands. I liked this packaging because it's easy to dispense the product and I can definitely finish up all the contents.

NET WT: 220g
 It has a flip cap lid that is perfect in dispensing the body lotion. It has the perfect size of hole because it doesn't squirt even if I accidentally squeezed too hard on the tube.

As you can see, except for the brand and the scent, everything is in Japanese so I can't show you guys the ingredients list.


- I love the formulation! non-sticky, lightweight and very fluid.

- Absorbs fast on the skin. I just need to wait for a minute or two for it to get absorbed which is awesome because I can put on my clothes fast after shower.

- I love the scent of in this one because it doesn't give me any headache and it lingers. Plus, it's not too sweet like other artificial peach scents so that's definitely a thumbs up for me.

- Packaging is sanitary and easy to use. And since it stands on the cap, you don't need to work hard for the product to be dispensed.


- Not travel friendly. Aside from being too big, I'm worried that it will burst on my bag.

- Can't be bought locally. There are no local online sellers that sells this too.

- I can't find any info if it is cruelty free or not.

I really love this body lotion! It is perfect for our humid weather here in the Philippines. The scent also lingers for a while especially if I use a body wash with the same peach scent. I really can't think anything bad about this product. Totally worth it trying :)

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文学少女 (Literature Girl) said...


I have this Kracie product but I got the Rose milky hand cream! I love it and its so moisturizing. I bought it from, an online international shop.

ulala kawaii said...

Hellloooo I recently got a body milk in a store on main street flushing ny its more pricey than it is online but it can be found in stores but just korean beauty/japaneese or overall asian stores that sell beauty products