Monday, July 1, 2013

Review: Belo Antiperspirant Deodorant Roll On

Hello everyone! This post will be about the Belo Antiperspirant and Deodorant roll on that I have been testing for 2 months now. I have used this throughout summer and I think I've road tested it enough to formulate a review for you guise :)

Before we start, I wanted to give you all a brief background. My underarms were victims of harsh deodorants that were very famous when I was still in high school. I really hated how Secret and Rexona made my underarm darker and they never went back to their natural color even though I had stopped using it long time ago. I was also fond of shaving and then plucking so it added to the darkening and the chicken skin. I really don't have the confidence to wear sleeveless tops because I'm not fond of my underarms' appearance. I have tried a lot of whitening products but I guess I'm not that patient to continuously use whitening creams for long periods of time. Luckily, I underwent laser hair removal last year and it was the first step in dealing with my UA problem.

I also sweat a lot but I rarely use deodorant because I'm afraid my UA will get even darker. My default deodorant was Milcu but it doesn't work as antiperspirant so it's kind of useless when I wear colored shirts. But since I started exercising in the gym, I needed to pick up a real antiperspirant product because I don't want to be smelly haha. I have decided on this Belo product because it's new in the market and it's meant for whitening so I wanted to give it a try. 

NET WT: 25ml
PRICE: Php49.75



- It didn't cause any allergic reaction to my skin

- It did a wonderful job in keeping me smelling fresh the whole day.

- It lessened the sweating in my UA. I can confidently wear colored shirts now because I'm not worried I'll have sweat marks when I perspire.

- I felt like it helped in lightening and smoothing my underarms. I can now wear sleeveless tops because using this after I had finished my laser hair removal really did a good job in lightening the darkness of my UA.


- I hope it comes in a stick format instead of a roll on. I hate waiting for it to dry before I put my clothes on especially if I'm on the rush. 

- It's hard to totally remove. I need to use either my cleansing water or toner at night before I take a shower so that I will know it's completely off. I really don't like the idea of leaving even a trace of antiperspirant on me when I sleep.

- It's a little pricey.

- I don't know if Belo is cruelty free or not. I had emailed the company to inquire but they haven't replied yet. I am really hoping that they don't test on animals.

I'm totally satisfied on the performance because it withstand the heat of the summer and have kept up with me whenever I go to the gym to exercise. I will continue to use this product unless Belo is not cruelty free.

Thank you for dropping by! Have a great week ahead :)

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MeowMars007 said...

I just stumbled on this today. Did you get a reply from the company? I have only been able to find 2 cruelty free anti-perspirants in the US and they are $22-$28! :/