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Gale Reads: Psy Changeling Series Book 8-12 by Nalini Singh

I decided to read the whole series for March & I did! I'm so happy to be able to accomplish my March To-Be-Read list. Its quite hard because I can only read a few pages at a time since I was quite busy at work. Anyhow, here's part 2 of my review of the Psy-Changeling Series!   

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TITLES: Bonds of Justice, Play of Passion, Kiss of Snow, Tangle of Need, Heart of Obsidian
AUTHOR: Nalini Singh
GENRE: Urban fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Shapeshifters

Cover Talk:
As with my previous review, I'm not a fan of any of this book covers. I haven't found any of them to be in my liking, I guess Heart Of Obsidian is the most passable just because of it's mysterious aura. I hope they release a new version for the whole series when the time comes that I will buy them for my bookshelf.

*I hope my new room will be done sooner so that I can make a wall full of my books :)


The last 5 books are awesome! It's so full of action & happenings that it's so hard to sleep at night when it's time for bedtime because I still want to continue reading. Really a page turner. Kudos to Nalini Singh for making the story flow as smooth as possible because it's really hard to create 1 whole story divided into many books and for it to be told in different point of views. I love how she created this society by showing it through the eyes of the different Psy designations & the Changelings. It really created depth to the story & provided a clearer picture since it's not biased from just looking at it from one perspective. 

My favorite among the 12 books is definitely Heart of Obsidian. It's a perfect ending to begin a new chapter of how Psy and Changelings alike will live. There's so many twists in this book & I love how she created the character as both powerful & vulnerable at the same time. I so love Kaleb and I'm so excited to see more of him in the next books ahead.

My least favorite is Tangle of Need. I can safely say that this is a "bridge" book in the series because even though it is meant for Riaz & Adria, the whole book didn't focus on them. It had a lot of scenes w/Sienna & Hawke & the other important people and it seems this book is created to make the transition from Kiss of Snow to heart of Obsidian. Don't get me wrong, I love those 2 & enjoyed every part where they appeared in Tangle Of Need but I hoped Nalini created a more focused story on Riaz & Adria's love story since they both are broken in a way & I would love to see more interactions between them. Aside from that, everything is superb :)

I really love this series & the last 5 is awesome since it involves a lot more complex situations. I hope Nalini will continue making this series. And more novellas too please!

P.S. I can't wait for Vasic's story in the next book titled Shield Of Winter. It will be out in June 3, 2014.
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