Monday, March 7, 2016

Product Review: Human Heart Nature All Natural Deodorant Stick

Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing great. Me, not so good because I got sick but I'm getting better now so everything is going well so far. =)

Today I would like to share my experience with this new Human Heart Nature deodorant in stick form. I didn't try their roll on deo before because I don't like having to wait for it to dry before I can put on my clothes. So when this product came out last year, I bought it to try since I would like to switch brands. My previous deo is all natural too that I got from Healthy Options but that one has such a strong scent that I feel like it irritates my underarms.

Price: Php 199.75
Scent available: Powder Fresh
Deodorant Stick
According to the Human Heart Nature website:

12 Deo Benefits1 Deo Brand:
1. Tea tree oil fights odor-causing bacteria
2. Instant-dry formula
3. Non-sticky after-feel
4. Sunflower oil helps lighten underarms
5. Smoothens underarms
6. Easy to rinse with no flaky buildup
7. No stains or streaks on clothes
8. No harsh alcohol that can darken underarms
9. No aluminum salts
10. No phthalates (synthetic fragrances)
11. No triclosan
12. No parabens


- The scent is mild & fresh, definitely not overwhelming which I love. 

- It didn't stained my clothes.

- All natural & locally made.

- Cruelty free. This is the main selling point for me when I tried this.

- This worked great in smoothening my underarm if I used it with their Sunflower oil at bedtime.

- Easy to wash off during shower, no residue.

- It didn't darken my underarm.

- No irritation whatsoever.

- Easy to apply & dry as it is in stick form.


- The deodirizing effect only last for around 6-8 hrs but after that your sweat will start to get some odor. I'm not sure if it's just my body chemistry reacting to left over products at the end of the day or it's because the product has came off & mixed on the sweat on my shirt. Nevertheless, I don't think this will be my product of choice during the humid summer weather. It even made me have a BO at the end of the day which is not nice. I can last a whole day with just a whitening cream on my underarm & I won't get any body odor so I'm pretty sure this deodorant is the culprit. 

- The stick crumbles easily so you better be careful in swiping it.

I love everything about this deo & I would have been happy with it if only it didn't cause me to have body odor. Really, the reason I use a deo is to make sure I still smell fresh after my 10hrs workday but since this product fell short on that, I think I'll continue on trying more brands. I really need one especially now that summer is coming. 

WILL I RE-PURCHASE? Definitely not. Milcu is way better. Even my whitening cream is better than this one in keeping me smelling fresh. I'm really disappointed in this product.

What are your favorite deodorants? Please share them at the comment section below so I can try them out. =)

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Donna Ocon -Juezan said...

what whitening cream are you using?