Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A new way of storing sample pots

Hi guys!

Do you love buying sample baggies from different MMU companies and then transferring those to small pots? Does your makeup traincase/kit/area looks clattered because of the many pots lying around? Do you have a hard time looking for the pot of that shade of eyeshadow or blush you want to use for the day because you just have so many pots in one container? Well, I want to share with you guys my new discovery on storing sample pots..I was inspired by Coney of Ellana Minerals a couple of weeks ago when we met at Megamall..she showed me how she carries her products around...and I was impressed..she uses an ordinary hard folder case for storing her sample pots! very affordable and sturdy and it's perfect for organizing and simplifying our life! :D

I have bought one for my many pots of MMU and e/s (my sister got one for herself too.. she sells Ellana Minerals in her school) ..it's so easy to look for the products now compared to when I just put them on my traincase with everything else..I got this case for only P73! :)

very organized right? hehe..do try it..it's very easy to stock this up on a table if you have many smaples that can fill up a couple of these :)

Sun Up to Sunrise makeup

I really can't think of a more fitting title than this one..coz this post is all about my incredible experience with my FOTD/EOTD last September 13. .My makeup lasted me for more than 22 hours!! I only did a couple of retouching in between with blotting paper and loose powder.. It's amazing right?! So good..and I loved every minute of it coz I got compliments during the night from my aunts and that's after 12 hours from my application time already :)

By the way, I have enough courage now to post my picture with my new do..I'm still not liking it but I'm used to it already coz I can't do anything about it anyway...I'm hoping my hair will grow fast this time so that I can have a new hairstyle by Christmas.. I'll definitely sport a longer do from now on..but what do you guys think? does it look okay on me?

Here's my FOTD taken around 8am (Sept. 13)..still looking fresh...I've used my Dreamworld foundation mix (nimue + freyja + amenti in Luna formulation) for concealing my blemishes and as a first layer too..this really works in concealing coz it can really fool many that I have clear skin haha..very photogenic too!..my aunts even thought I have no more breakouts! good coverage...I then applied a layer or two of either Dayna's Minerals foundation in G2 or Lauress Minimalist in Pure Yellow to add some yellow tone on my face since my DW mix is kind of pale..I've also used Milan Oil at Bay as primer to control my oilies :)

- Milan Oil at Bay as primer
- Dreamworld foundation mix (applied dry with concealer brush)
- Dayna's G2 or Lauress Pure Yellow
- Milan Perfect Presentation
- Meow Blush in Cat Got Your Tongue?
- Meow Firefly blush in Glisten

- Petroleum Jelly
- The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Tint
- Lancome 214 Lipstick

Here's my EOTD...I road tested my Aromaleigh Indelible Eyeliner Sealant that I got from sis Nikki of Not Just Minerals (thanx sis!)..I love this product coz it really delivers..Imagine, my eyemakeup lasted from 7am upto 4:30am without even smudging or fading?! And I have pretty oily lids even with a base..I'm so raving about this product..this is the best mixing medium that I have tried!
  • Yellow cream concealer topped with
  • Meow Undereye concealer in Frisky Chartreux
  • MAC Painterly Paintpot all over lid
  • MAC Unorthodox E/s
  • Pure Luxe e/s in Darling
  • Bonnie MPM shimmer
  • Christian Dior dark brown e/s
  • Artdeco #20 e/s
  • Clinique Waterproof mascara
By the way, I applied my loose mineral pigments foiled using sponge tip applicators..I've learned this technique from Vanessa of Nessassary makeup (thanx Nessa!)..she posted in her blog that she prefer using sponge tip applicators for loose pigments coz it's easy and mess free compared to applying it with a brush..and so I decided to try it since my EDM e/s brush doesn't work very well..and I agree, it did worked pretty well..I easily get good color payoffs from the shadows :)

This is my FOTN taken around 6pm...I just retouched with Milan Oil at Bay around 5pm and some oil blotting sheets during the day..I also added some Artdeco #20 e/s on the crease and outer V to smokify my peepers for the night...I then retouched again at around 11pm before we go out again to the bar..and this makeup is still looking good around 4:30am (Sept. 14) when I got home :)
I really love Mineral Makeup because you look better as the hours go by..and it looks natural so you can really enhance your features instead of hiding your face..and it doesn't feel heavy..I applied around 4 layers of foundation for this look but it did not cake nor feel like a mask the whole time..what more can I ask for? I'm raving haha :D

What about you guys? Do you have any tested MMU products that has very good staying power? I would like to hear them ..till next time! God bless :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

a Rant and an Update

hi guys!

Sorry I was not able to update my blog lately...I'm just too pre-occupied by my NCLEX review but I'll be posting some reviews when I'm not too busy...maybe this weekend or next week :)

Oh yeah, I had a haircut last Sunday with my favorite stylist..I have some girl-bonding time with my mom, sis and tita Jen..we asked for our trusty hair stylist Mr. Sunny (he works in Razzle Dazzle Salon before..he already transferred to a new salon in Timog now) to do a home service for us...all four of us are now sporting a shorter 'do...but I'm not fond of my new haircut..it's not as beautiful as the last one I had with him...it's just so-so (he always gives us perfectly crafted hairstyles before so I don't know why I have this cut) and I'm not feeling it yet..I love having short hair but I'm not happy with the way my bob looks...It's not ugly or bad but it's not that beautiful either...I have this hobby of just letting my stylist decide on what style to do with my hair...and since I trust him, I just told him that I want to have some bangs and that the length should be along my neck/jawline...I really have a high expectation on my new cut and maybe that's the problem..too much expectation is bad...hmm...maybe that's one of the reason why I am not posting any pictures yet coz I'm still on the process of getting used to my new haircut...I really hope my hair will grew faster this time so that it would not look "chopped off" on my birthday in November :(

so there, aside from that unsatisfying event I had, everything is okay :)

UPDATE: I am now using Venus and Mars Emu soap in Poppy Plush in the morning then Coffee Fame at night..This is because Jamie suggested to me that since I have sensitive skin too, I should just alternate the two..and it's working so far..but when I finished up the sample bars..I think I'll be getting Poppy Plush instead of Coffee Fame since I like the scent and lightness it has on my skin..very creamy and milky :)

My new skin care regimen:

- Cleanse with Venus & Mars Emu soap in Poppy Plush
- spot treat pimples with Zen Zest Tea Tree Oil
- spot treat blemishes with Garnier Spot Corrector Pen (for lightening the marks)
- Protect with Aveeno Baby Continuous Sun Protection Sunblock SPF 55
- Moisturize undereye area with Elianto Pearl eye cream

- remove eye makeup with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- remove face makeup with Wet Ones
- Cleanse with Venus & Mars Emu soap in Coffee Fame
- Spot treat pimples with Zen Zest Tea Tree Oil
- Spot treat blemishes with Garnier Spot Corrector Pen (for lightening marks)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Emu oil and Organics

I love love Emu Oil...it has so many uses and very effective..it's very widely used medically for its ability to penetrate many layers of the skin..I have tried it in different formulations and here are my reviews :)

1. Pure Emu Oil - I like how it moisturizes and that it really absorbs in the skin..but I'm not fond of the greasy feel I get sometimes..but nevertheless, I didn't break out and it didn't gave me blackheads too...but since this is so expensive here in the Philippines, I asked my Ninong Marvin (he lives in Australia) to get me a tube since Emu birds do originate in their place. But he wasn't able to get me a pure one, instead he got me an Emu Oil in cream form..and I love it better! Thanx ninong!

2. Emu Oil Cream - I know that this is not pure and that this has some parabens whatsoever but when I tried it on my face and skin it feels great..it's very moisturizing, easily absorbed (much faster than the pure one) and super light and no greasy feel and shine...it also makes a very good anti inflammatory and anti itch product for insect bites..really relieves the itchiness and redness fast..Since the original container is quite big, me and my mom and also my titas just transfer a small amount on small (5g) jars to carry with us in case we have some bites or itchiness or if we feel some dryness during the day...love love love this one! I hope the next time my ninong comes back here, he will bring me another big one coz mine is almost half full haha..it smells great too!

3. Emu Oil Rub - this is also bought in Australia by my mom's friend..since she also like my Emu Oil Cream, she asked her friend (who went to Australia for a vacation) to buy her an Emu Oil cream then she'll pay for it here in the Philippines but instead of a lotion type emu oil, her friend brought back a specially formulated emu rub for pain..this has some menthol in it too for soothing and cooling effect...this is really a blessing for us coz this product really works for pain...it was proven by my parents who have arthritis..like last time, my dad had some moderate pain on his soulder and back and my mom put different topical pain relief ointments the whole day but nothing works..but when we got home and before they sleep, my mom massaged a little amount of this emu oil rub on my dad's painful areas..and the morning after, my dad commented that his pain was relieved last night that's why he slept good..so this is very effective..the only con is that it's quite pricey coz this small container cost around $15 (australian)...but you only need to use a small amount every use so this will last a long time for sure.
VENUS and MARS Organic Emu Oil Products

The first time I saw their website http://venusandmars08.multiply.com I already knew that I will be buying their products because of my love for Emu Oil but they have something that made me decide to try it ASAP..all their products are organic..Lately, I'm trying to divert and change all my skincare and haircare to organic products or even natural if organic is not possible..I've read reviews on organic stuffs on girltalk and I was convinced to give it a try coz it might be the solution to my uber sensitive skin that always breakout with commercialized products..I already am using Mineral Makeup for more than 2 years so why not do the same healthier option for my skin and hair right? so it's really a "no-brainer" as I told myself hehe..when I told my mom I want to get some skincare stuff she shouldered it..Thanx mom! She really is supportive on my skin care (she even bought me Jason's Moisturizing shampoo..organic too... it's a very nice product coz I stopped having breakouts on my forehead after a week of using it)..so what I got from Venus & Mars is the Get It Started Kit so that I would be able to try all 3 soap variants and the lotion for a very affordable price of P370..and I tell you, I was expecting a small size of everything but when I got the package I told myself that this would last me for 1-2 months for the soap and maybe 2 weeks for the lotion if I use them everyday...the packaging is simple too and this made me think that they really put a lot of budget for the quality of the product instead of the packaging :)

Here's what I got yesterday...Jamie (owner of Venus and Mars) is so sweet and thoughtful..she gave me a sample of the minty geranium mud soap (I told her I want to give my bf a sample of this soap coz it might be good for his shaving..he has very sensitive skin too) and a note on the receipt...aww, this is the first time ever that I got a sweet simple note from a seller..so thanx Jamie! I really appreciate it so much :)
Coffee Fame - this is the emu soap specifically made to help people who have pimple problem or those who want to detoxify their skin..I tried it once last night and it smells good(though it doesn't smell like coffee even with the coffee beans on the soap hehe)..it didn't made my skin dry and I did not have the tight felling that I got everytime I wash my face with my Aveeno Clear Complexion Cleansing Bar...No itchiness or breakout so far but I'm still reserving my judgment..I'll definitely post a review again after 2 weeks or 1 month..but my initial reaction was "This is good" :D
Minty Geranium Mud - this is compatible for us who shave..according to the description, it will make your shaving area smooth and fair (it has papain) plus it also has antibacterial properties that will lessen the irritation if we nick our selves during the shaving...this can also be used as a regular bath soap...and I will definitely use this everyday coz I love the smell and this can replace my whitening soap too..Isn't it a great product? shaving cream, whitening, antibacterial, moisturizing and smoothening all in one? will definitely get a regular sized bar when I finished my sample up :)

Poppy Plush - this is made for those people who have very very sensitive skin...I gave this to my sister who has skin asthma so I don't have any review for this..will ask my sister for a review after she used it for at least a week to check for any reactions to the product :)

Emu Lotion (melon scent) - I don't have an individual picture..it's the small white bottle with the receipt...gosh, this product is heaven haha...relaxing scent and very moisturizing..at first when I tried it I thought it's sticky coz it's very thick in consistency but after a few seconds and it was already absorbed by my skin, I was convinced to get a full size too haha..the scent lasted for a couple of hours too so it's a plus..this emu lotion has 2 variations..I got the melon one for the added whitening effect coz I want to make my skin a little brighter (I'm naturally fair).

Lip Detox - this is my wish list...according to their website, this lipbalm doesn't contain any petroleum based ingredients and this will relieve dry and chapped lips..that's my problem eversince..since I get easily dehydrated, my lips are always dry..and whenever I put lippies (lipstick, lipgloss and even lipbalm) on my lips, my lips will peel and will look like i have a dried saliva on my lips eek!...I hope this can product can help me :)

so there! you can check out their website for more information on their products at http://venusandmars08.multiply.com or you can click the link on my "link list" on the right side of your screen..I'm not selling their product..I'm just a VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER of Venus and Mars..good quality product and outstanding customer service :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dreamworld + Dayna's FOTD

Me and my bf went to our school this morning to request for a re-copy of our TOR and Summary of RLE which we will be needing for applying jobs in the near future..but sadly, we're not able to request for it because the line in the cashier was too long..we didn't know it's exam week so tuition payment week..so we decided to just come back :)

before going home, we ate lunch at A Venetto Pizzeria at Trinoma..we had Putanesca and hawaiian pizza w/ extra cheese..yummy yummy! this is our fave Italian resto coz the foods are great and affordable :)

here's my FOTD today..I used my Dreamworld foundation in Luna formula (this is a mix of Freyja and Nimue coz they both don't match me haha that's why I mixed them) ..I really love DW's foundation coz they give a very nice coverage and it has good staying power..but since I have the wrong shades, I can't use them frequently..I'm still in the process of deciding which shades will be perfect to mix with these two shades to make it my match..any suggestions? I would really appreciate it..I need something yellow coz this two really don't have any :D

-Dreamworld foundation in Luna formulation (freyja + nimue)
- Dayna's Minerals foundation in G2 - one layer to add some yellow
- Milan Oil at Bay
- Ellana blush in Coral Pink
- Clinique bronzer on top

And here's a shot taken after 7 hours without any retouch or blotting paper ..cool right? I still look fresh even though my makeup is already fading :)

here's a picture of us when he brought me home earlier..we look weird haha :)

thanx for dropping by guys! :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Natural FOTD

This morning when I woke up, I feel like doing a very simple and natural look..so after I took a bath and applied all my skin care, I started my makeup with my yellow cream undereye concealer (I forgot the brand..Jamie, what's it again? hehe)...I blend blend blend since any product I put on my undereye area crease so I really need to blend it well and it can't be too thick..then I did my neutral eye makeup using my mom's Christian Dior palette..then on the fun and difficult part of the whole look...covering those blemishes..

I tried Ellana green corrector concealer on the blemishes..they said this color will neutralize the redness so that it would be easier to cover with foundation..I can say it did lessen the appearance of the scars but sad to say, the blemishes are still very much visible even after a layer of foundation..anyways, I'll set that flaw aside since I'm not really good at concealing anything hehe :)

I used the following products:
- yellow cream concealer topped w/
- Meow undereye concealer in Frisky Chartreux
- MAC PaintPot in Painterly
- MAC e/s in Relaxing
- Christian Dior Palette (beige, dark brown and bronze e/s)
- Clinique Mascara
- Milan Oil at Bay (as primer)
- Ellana concealer in Innocence (green corrector)
- Lauress Minimalist foundie in Pure Yellow (2 layers)
- Milan Perfect Presentation (as finishing powder)
- Bare Naturals Viva Sofia blush
- the Body Shop lip and cheek tint
- Petroleum jelly
- Avon glazewear l/s in Milk Chocolate

Here's my FOTD when we went out to go to church this morning..pardon the hair (again!)..I'm not really good in arranging my hair..I just put it in a ponytail most of the time haha :D

*taken with flash inside the house*
*taken w/ flash outside the house*
*taken w/o flash outside the house*

Does anyone of you experience difference in oil control with Milan OAB and PP primers/finishing powder when used with different brands of foundation? Coz whenever I uses these 2 with Meow and Dayna's, the oil control will last for at least 5 hours before I feel greasy..but if I uses them with Lauress I will feel greasy before 5 hours..weird :/

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ellana Minerals Haul and Review

I went to Megamall Mega Trade hall 3 earlier with my mom and sis..While my mom is going around the hall to check all the booths, my sis and I went to Ellana Minerals' booth..I've met sis Coney (nice seeing you again sis and thanx for assisting us!) and she taught me and my sis on how to properly apply Ellana products (my sister is the model haha)...This is to prepare my sis in selling the products to their school (she's going to be a re-seller of Ellana..she's a marketing student in FEU and they are required to sell something to raise funds for their institute's organization)...I suggested this brand to my sister because her target customers are of course students and so they have limited budgets...and Ellana is a very affordable brand with good quality products...so it's the perfect brand to sell in a school ground...Actually, the only item I have tried personally from their line are the blushes...and since I already have some previous experience with the blushes, I was more intrigued on cheking out the other products like e/s, lip stuffs and brushes when we stayed in their stall.

My Review:

- blushes: I love the shades of their blushes because they just give your cheeks healthy looking flush and not over the top color..it has subtle sheen so they are perfect for those glows and illuminizers you have in your stash..they are pigmented so that's good..staying power on my oily skin is just so-so..but for the price and effect, I won't mind re-touching when necessary

- Lip products: their lip balms and lip colors are great! very moisturizing and long staying..even if you have wiped it off, there will still be some tint left on your lips...for the price, I will say this is heaven sent already coz they can sell this at a much more because of the quality..love love love it..i have no rants so far

-Eye shadows: the first thing that caught my eye instantly when we arrived at their booth are the beautiful pots of eyeshadows that has gorgeous colors inside...but sadly, when I swatched it on the back of my hand, it hardly showed up..they are not as pigmented as my usual MMU e/s pigments, but for the price, they are okay in staying power...they did stay put on my sister's eyes for almost 5-6 hours without any base and applied dry..and my sis perspired the whole time

- Brushes: this is love...they are so soft especially the buffer brush and baby buki..I will definitely get one for myself..they are as soft as the EDM long handled kabuki that I love so much..I love the size of the buffer brush coz it will be a lot faster to finish the whole face and since all the brushes are made from high quality synthetic bristles, it's a big plus in my vocabulary...this reminds me of Lumiere kabuki..the color of the hairs, the feel and the quality...i don't think it will shed too..I'll definitely post a review once I have got one for me and have used and washed it for at least 10x so wait for that :)

the baby buki is so cute..this one, I already have hehe..it's the right size to fit in any kikay kit..it has the same synthetic bristles as the buffer brush so it's soft and compact...the idea of having a separate tin container for it instead of having a retractable type is ingenious..I actually hate retractable brushes coz 1) they shed a lot, 2) they stink coz the part near the ferrule doesn't dry totally even if you let it dry for a few days and 3) they dry so long!...so i like this baby buki more..I'll post another review if it will shed or not once I have washed and used it for at least 10x

see how small it is? it's the right size for retouching during the day..or you can use it for applying your blush since it will really fit your cheeks :)
here are some pics of my sister's haul from Ellana Minerals..this is half of the first batch of products she will be selling (the other half will be shipped this Tuesday)...I'm really so happy that my sister is re-selling already coz I won't need to pay for shipping anymore if I want to get something from Ellana..I'll just get it from her stocks haha :D

I'll be trying their foundation, finishing powder and concealers coz I like what my sister and her friend looked like after Coney did their makeover using all Ellana Minerals..watch out for my review..Thanx for dropping by! Till next time :)

Meow + Lauress FOTD

I'm falling in love with Meow Foundation in Flawless Feline formulation again..this is because with the help of Meow, i can lighten up the numerous post acne marks that i have (they are all over my cheeks arggrr!)..I don't feel shy anymore when I go out even if I know that they will notice those blemishes I have...because I know that my skin still looks great even though they are there..thanx to Meow FF hehe oh gosh, I'm so loving it..and I'm so glad that even though it's super hot and humid earlier, my face didn't itch! I think my skin has somehow "adapted" to MMU products after I changed my skin care..coz before, a little heat + a little sweat = super itchy face and neck..but now, even if I'm already drenched with sweat, I'm still okay..so yah, I'm very happy :)

here's my FOTD earlier when me and my mom went out to bond...after concealing my marks with Meow FF, I buffed in a layer of Lauress foundation in Minimalist formulation..and it was perfect...my skin is so photogenic with MMU haha..pardon the hair...i haven't fixed it yet :)

*with flash*

*no flash*

*natural lighting*
what about you guys? what's your HG concealer for covering those dark blemishes? please do share them with me so that I could try it too..thanx! :)