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Drama Review: I Need Romance 2

I know, I know. But I can't help but watch the sequel of the drama I've watched last week. I really enjoyed watching I Need Romance because it's very different from a lot of Korean dramas I've watched...I liked it a lot but I didn't like the wrapping of the story very much...You can read my whole review here.

The second season of I Need Romance was released with a new set of characters. This is still connected with the previous casts in some way but the storyline in here is different.
TITLE: I Need Romance 2012
GENRE: Romance, Comedy, Drama
AIRING PERIOD: June 20 - August 9, 2012
AIRING TIME: Wednesday - Thursday
This is technically a continuation of the first season but with a focus on different set of characters. 
Joo Yeol Mae is torn between the love of her childhood friend/long time boyfriend and the new guy.
This also showed the individual lives of her 2 best friends and also their 20 years friendship.

Jung Yu Mi as Joo Yeol Mae
Lee Jin Wook as Yoon Seok Hyun
Kim Ji Seok as Shin Ji Hoon
Kim Ji Woo as Sun Jae Gyung
Kang Ye Sol as Woo Ji Hee

I was actually skeptical to watch this at first because it seems to be the same story as the first season and I'm afraid of the ending, to tell you guys honestly. I was really disappointed how they ended the story. BUT since this is also popular and I know the lead actors, I decided to give this drama a chance.

I finished watching this in 3 days (roughly 5 episodes per day) because I really wanted to know the story. I can definitely say that this has a better ending than the first one and I'll tell you why in a minute.

You can watch this with English subtitles here.

*WARNING: there might be some spoilers in this review*

First, I will tell you the WHAT I LIKED about season 2:

- I still liked the directing style they used. It is exactly the same. I really liked how the director still used still photographs during the important parts. And the change of tone in the colors of the screen when changing time period. I really appreciate the way it transitions from one scene to the next.

- The OST is great too. The background music they used in the drama are really appropriate to each scene. I cried so hard during the sad moments because I was moved by the music. Great choice of songs :)

- This season have a deeper storyline and have more drama than the first in terms of the 3 main characters involved in the love triangle. There's no cheating and petty push-and-pull scenes involved and both men are good people so it was hard to choose which man is better for her. 

- They made the second guy perfect until the end which made me so happy. I was really disappointed to what they did with the second guy's character in the ending of Season 1 so i am really happy Ji Hoon's character stayed intact in this season :)

- I also loved how the they showed the real side of a long term relationship. They've known and lived with each other since childhood and have been in love for 12 years. They know almost everything about one another, and when they reminisce the past, almost all of the big events in their life were spent together. So it is definitely hard to move on from a long term relationship since you can't forget it your whole life.

-The transition of Yeol Mae's love between the two guys is realistic too. It happened so naturally and I don't believe it's a rebound relationship, like what others are saying. Compared to the first season, I really believed she loved Ji Hoon deeply and that's why it took her a year before she was able to forget her love and move on. I liked this better than the easy goodbye In Young did for Sung Hyun in Season 1. They were able to wrap the love triangle scenario very nicely. Clean goodbyes. 

- I liked the "1 year later" addition because this made me think they have all matured and have moved on with consideration to everyone's feelings.It's also nice to see what happened to them after all those trials.

- The story of her two best friends ended very well. Both of them got married and started their own families with the man they love. Even though the description for each friend is the same as in the previous season (one is a fashionista and have many experiences with men and the other is an innocent and timid lady in terms of relationship), I think I liked the maturity of their characters here better. They learn from mistakes and they show true emotions.

- I liked how they depicted the 20 years friendship between Yeol Mae, Ji Hee and Jae Gyung. It's very realistic and you can see why they will stay friends even with all the negatives of each.

- It was also fun to see cameo appearances (either physically or through the dialogue) from the casts of Season 1...It gave glimpses on what happened after the ending ;)

- Fans of Kim Ji Seok  and Lee Jin Wook will be so happy. We know they are best friends in real life and it is great to see them acting together in a drama. This scene really made me laugh so hard...Some fans are calling this "bromance" LOL ^_^


- I hoped they gave a closing to the "illness" problem because it is the main reason for the whole story. That's the only thing missing here, to be honest.

- The romantic scenes are lacking. I can't feel any passion or sexiness from the bed scenes. I liked how they did it in the first season..with the sexy background and hot actors. 
I guess this feels like a regular Korean drama meant for 12 years old and up where it's all assuming and the girl just sit still and do nothing.


I definitely recommend you watch this drama if you want a beautiful love story...You don't need to watch the prequel since they have totally different story :)

WHICH SEASON DO YOU LIKE BEST? I prefer Season 1 for romantic comedy and Season 2 for the love story :)

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